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The Emerging Trends in HR Technology

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The field of human resources is one that helps to drive many businesses and defines the way that they operate in numerous ways. The use of HR technology can assist in making the process as seamless as possible and can also reduce the workforce that is needed for human resources as well. The statistics still show, however, that for every 100 employees, there is an average of more than 1.5 HR employees that have an annual income of approximately $51,000. For that reason, there are upcoming trends in HR technology which cause the field to move forward on a consistent basis. Here are some of the trends which are moving quickly.

The Emerging Trends in HR Technology

A Shift to the Mobile Market – As more and more individuals continue to use their mobile devices instead of using a desktop device, it is necessary for software to keep up with the trend. The majority of HR software systems are a minimum of 5 years old and at least 50% are more than 7 years old. This makes the technology backdated and most are not as convenient for use with mobile devices. As these older systems continue to become obsolete, new software will become available which will focus on the mobile user.

Working in the Cloud – Many businesses are becoming comfortable with working in the cloud environment. Not only is it a convenient way to store information, there are also many cloud-based systems which are convenient to use as well. The larger HR providers, including SAP Oracle and DoubleDesk are focusing on providing such an experience for the end-user (Source: It is conveniently accessed from any Internet connected device and the software is updated on the fly by the vendor.

Taking a Fresh Look at Big Data – The accumulation of big data is problematic for larger businesses. The emerging HR technology will be able to handle the larger amounts of data that are being stored by those companies. By being able to sift through the data quickly, it can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

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