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Employee monitoring software review

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Employee monitoring software, in the same way as most web administration items, is great at blocking or permitting access to any site. It can block destinations by URL, search keywords or classes incorporated with the product. You can additionally set the product to show a caution on an undesired site, as opposed to blocking it. This product is perfect for eyeing on workers. It helps you point the abuse of web and office machines by your workers for their particular utilization.

Employee monitoring software is great at blocking or permitting access to any site.

Around the numerous advantageous characteristics offered by employee monitoring software is Work Time Tracking. It gives you a chance to find you activities that devour the time of your representatives. Coupled with Work Examiner’s attendance monitoring service, it might be utilized as a profit. When you take into account who invests the most time on sites, talks, gaming or different activities not identified as work, and who invests the most time far from their workstations, you can cut on utilization of ineffective activities and expand your organization’s proficiency.

Employee monitoring software-Detailed by website matching youtub

This web administration program gives you a chance to record keystrokes, screen texting and record screenshots progressively. Screenshots could be taken consequently, yet are not taken when a machine is idling, to avoid catching unnecessary information. Computer monitoring software tracks any action of your employees.

Throughout installation the executive has the choice to set up a few clients all the while, either straightforwardly on the client or remotely through the server. Every client will be nearly screened in stealth mode. Client groups might be made as stated by administrator. All client exercises, for example, web searching, site categories, time used on every site, definite site utilization and point by point PC usage will be recorded by the software.

Employee monitoring software-work examiner professional console

A trial version is accessible online to provide you with a great taste of the employee monitoring software’s services. The trial is for 30 days and five users.


  • Tracks amount of time spent on particular Website
  • Creates a detailed log file of all the HTTP requests
  • Custom Website filtering or blocking
  • Instant email notification when specific website is visited
  • Timer count down before filtering out blocked websites on client PC
  • Periodic screenshots of client’s screen
  • Captures every email sent or received on client’s PC
  • Capture every key pressed by the employee
  • Records every message from IM messengers
  • Works under 100% stealth mode
  • Investigates what activities are taking up the most time of your workers
  • Monitors every attendance of employees
  • Prevents client from running filtered application
  • Shows you the Current working status of your worker
  • Shows all the important data on the dashboard itself
  • Allows search features on reports
  • Security or password protection (Professional Edition)
  • Allows data export in 10 different formats
  • Printing of data
  • Differently Scheduled Reports for different workers
  • Sorting or filtering of data
  • Allows installation of Employee monitoring software on client PC remotely with 2 clicks
  • Automatic deletion and updation of database


  • No bandwidth usage restriction feature.
  • Employee monitoring software has no other major cons.

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