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How to fix the problem in writing to the SD Android KitKat

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Google launched a crusade against the microSD card from its second Nexus smartphone. It has reached the point that Android KitKat microSD cards are practically drives read only a problem for many users. However, they have now managed to solve that problem with a simple application, SDFix, which also is in the app store Google Play.

SD Android KitKat-How to fix the problem in writing to the SD Android KitKat

When Google wants to end a particular system does its best to get it. He did in his time with applications like Adblock Plus, which is dedicated to block advertisements. First Google removed the application from your store, and then prevented an application could automatically change the proxy settings. If this sound familiar to Chinese users as well, and with changes in Google, it was necessary that the users were to be conducted by proxy settings. Basically, Google did everything possible to make Adblock Plus disappeared. And it seems they are trying the same with the use of microSD cards. Google wants no microSD cards on smartphones and tablets with Android. Not only limited to your Nexus can not have microSD cards, but also attempt to do so other manufacturers.

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And they can do that simply modify Android. The problem came when the writing on the microSD card from an application is not possible. Although it may seem a trifle, this is a problem for many applications, especially applications Root. However, a user has managed to solve the problem, for which you just have to install and run an application, which will slightly modify the Android code. Yes, you can run the application will need to be root. The application in question is called SDFix and is available for free on Google Play.

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