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How to free up space on mobile

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The lack of storage is a common problem in many smartphones. As is the case with computers, these devices over time accumulate many programs, data files, many of them useless and unnecessary. Placing order on the phone and do some cleaning regularly or use some applications that help us recover this may afford some extras megas or gigas.

A first step may be convenient if we just storage is clear memory cache periodically. Cached data are accumulating information and different mobile applications in use and then access them or browse faster. They can assume easily over 1GB in a few weeks. 

To delete this type of data in a ‘smartphone’ Android has access to online storage in the Settings panel and once inside by clicking on Data Cache and select the option deleting. If the version of the operating system does not allow it or if you do a selective deletion of the cache per application can be done by accessing each from the list of ‘apps’.

Guide to free up space on mobile

Another simple and common first steps is to access the list phone application and move the programs that allow it to SD card -if the device has. As we will see later, some applications can help streamline the process.

Apps to help clean

An alternative that can help in the task of ‘cleaning’ is to use some of the Android apps designed for it. They are easy to use and simplify the process. One is Clean Master, which claims to be the most valued and also includes security and privacy tools and application manager. Clean Master can very easily get rid of unused files to be stored, sensitive data such as history search or delete the cache.

By default reminders are configured to periodically delete the “junk” that accumulates in the device. A larger, show programs that are running in the background and allows close them to release the available RAM and reduce battery drain. Applications are also App Manager III or MoveToSD for moving apps one by one or in bulk to the card SD. The first one also lets you hide those that come preinstalled and cannot be erased or even ‘freeze’ so they cannot consume resources. Uninstall updates and turn to the cloud In the Applications section will see the space occupied by each program. A logical first step if we want to win ‘megas’ is to uninstall applications that are not used and uninstall those updates that come preinstalled on the device and cannot be eliminated. Updates to the apps are increasing their ‘weight’ and can gradually collapse the fairest memory terminals. Be selective when executing them can be a good way to avoid space problems. Find more Android manager.

Another solution to save space is to schedule an automatic uploading of images and videos to a storage service in the cloud when the device is connected to a WiFi network. Thus, it may delete media files when space problems knowing they are saved. Whatsapp files mention deserves the most used messaging service to our country. For Whatsapp users exchanged daily countless messages, images and videos. The device application stores all that information occupying negligible space. A useful option is to disable automatic file download in conversations (Whatsapp -> Settings-> Automatic Download multimedia). Thus we can manually select which files you want to lose we receive. Users of iPhone can do similarly, (WhatsApp-> Settings-> Chat Settings-> Auto-save option files). Recommended reading: How to set up privacy on Whatsapp?

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