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Gaming PCs – Should We Still Be Baulking At The Price?

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The various reviews of the latest generation of consoles have been mixed, leading to plenty of criticism being aimed at both Sony and Microsoft for the amount flaws identified in the PS4 and Xbox One.  There was plenty of anticipation after the consoles were revealed, with awesome amounts of power being bandied about and storage issues becoming a thing of the past.

Whilst the overall appearance of the games were stunning, a number of issues were brought to light by serious gaming critics who unearthed disappointments attributed to frame rates on the 360 and screen resolution on the PS4. One of the damning issues that surrounded both consoles though was the retail price. The Xbox One was released at a price range of £500-£600, whilst the PS4 came in relatively cheaper at £350-£450.

There are certainly some notable benefits that you’ll get for being brave enough to adopt a gaming PC, but could the well-reported price range really be a stumbling block?

Now we’re aware of the fact that this particular generation could last for a long time, but it all comes down to sales and at the moment, things aren’t quite living up to expectation. What’s more, PC gaming is just better overall. Those who haven’t experienced it might think otherwise at this stage, but there’s a reason why there’s such a hefty price tag for these machines.

So is it really worth investing half a grand in your next gaming experience if you can probably buy a gaming PC for a similar amount? It could be time to shift your allegiance from Sony and Microsoft to, well, Steam and Microsoft. There are certainly some notable benefits that you’ll get for being brave enough to adopt a gaming PC, but could the well-reported price range really be a stumbling block?


Price isn’t actually that much of a hurdle to overcome with gaming PC’s, especially if you’re prepared to spend £500 every five to ten years on the latest generation of consoles. PC’s are notorious for breaking the £1000 barrier and it’s true that this kind of hardware has only ever been utilised by people who aren’t afraid of taking their gaming enthusiasm to the next level.

Having said that, the difference between recreational and die-hard enthusiast has shortened over the years, which is why many gaming PC’s are now available at much cheaper prices. Of course, you’re putting a lot of money on the line when you spend so much on a PC and if it doesn’t perform to expectations, you’ll feel robbed and ultimately let down. However, with research comes a wide range of benefits


One of the biggest advantages of PC gaming is the freedom you’ve got to explore and improve upon issues that crop up with your experience. Building your own PC is just like any other D.I.Y job if you’ve done the background research and got hold of some friendly advice that explains the ins and outs of PC gaming.

Purchasing individual parts and assembling them is a great way to save money, with outstanding gaming PC’s being constructed at a reasonable price range of £400-£700. It might seem like a bit too much effort for someone who just wants to get their head down and enjoy the experience, but you’ll find that it can be really beneficial in the long run. Best of all, you don’t have to be a complete computer nerd to get the job done, especially if you’ve got YouTube handy.

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