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Getting Away With It: Fake Ids and Underage College Students

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On any given weekend, Zach Small, a Citgo gas station agent in the college town of Harrisonburg, says he catches give-or-take a dozen fake IDs – assuredly from underage kids trying to get their hands on alcohol. Weekdays may be a bit less, but they still show up. The University of Texas Health Science’s 2011 study put a number on that – 7.7 percent of college freshmen claimed they owned a fake ID. The station were Small works is at an intersection known as popular to JMU students, but it could just as well be any gas station in any town, college or otherwise.

Getting Away With It: Fake Ids and Underage College Students

Bend It Like Beckham!

College kids are producing artful fakes, which makes I.D. Checking Guides essential to spot them. In addition to requesting a second form of ID with suspicious-looking IDs, store clerks can also use bending IDs to suss them out. By bending an ID in the cup of one’s hand, fake IDs will usually give themselves away when their lamination literally pops off.

The Payoff

Fake IDs can be costly; possessing a fake ID is punishable by $2,500 in fines, jail time, or both, as well as loss of license for up to a year.  F.L.A.G. which stands for, 1) feel for raised surfaces, 2) look at the picture and descriptive details, 3) ask questions (e.g., “what’s your middle name or, even, zodiac sign?”), and 4) give the ID back, are guidelines given by the Alcoholic Beverage Control agency of Virginia. For stores and restaurants close to campuses, asking for two IDs is a good idea.  One restaurant staff member commented that aside from minors, adults can also pose a problem when they order a bottle of wine for a table to celebrate a special event, say graduation or homecoming, and tacitly implicate the eatery’s staff.  Adults need to know that even if they’re present, if a public establishment is found to be serving alcohol to minors, they could suffer serious fines and the responsible wait-staff’s job could be jeopardized. (Source:

Communitiesthat Care

Alcohol consumption among minors has deep cultural roots, according to a paper by two doctors on the subject. The influence, and temptation, to consume alcohol is prevalent in families, social groups, and advertising, according to Kelli A. Komro and Traci L. Toomey, assistant professors in the Division of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, at the University of Minnesota. Decades of research of school-based interventions have led these researchers to suggest that these need to be combined with extracurricular, family, and policy strategies, to really have an effect on underage drinking. (Source:

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