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How To Get More Out Of Your Smartphone Battery?

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As mobile devices and the batteries have also improved and has gained recent years capacity. Although not quite enough to satisfy any user of a smartphone. Few terminals today endure an intensive day of use at any time without connecting to the mains.

With the increasing power of processors, the size of the screens and also grow consumption data, smartphones present “devour” the battery. But if you want to prolong the life of the devices, modify some aspects of the architecture can provide a few minutes or a few extra hours.

How to get more out of your smartphone battery

Brightness:  Most terminals offer the possibility to adjust the brightness automatically according to ambient light. Enable this option or maintain fixed screen brightness at an intermediate level you can win the smartphone hours of autonomy. The power of the screen represents one of the sections of greatest consumption of the device, as manufacturers recall as LG, Sony, Samsung or Apple. Keep brightness at high levels can mean a whole waste.

Vibration and audible tones:  A save battery when it all adds up. The notification sounds, vibrations or sound beeps every time you press a key energy consuming. Disable those expendable and choose an appropriate configuration is a simple way to give a little more autonomy to the device.

Synchronization and internet:  connectivity of smartphones, the services offered, mail, applications, makes the terminal is continuously receiving data and notifications. Not all users have the same needs. Applications like Facebook or Gmail allow you to choose the frequency with which new messages, emails or notices are sought. For example, every two to four hours, and not instantly. This option can also help to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Another option is to disconnect the internet if not needed for a while. Without data traffic the battery is multiplied.

GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi:  One of the simplest ways to gain autonomy for the battery option is enabled tools such as GPS, location services or Bluetooth only when needed.

Similarly, use a WiFi connection to connect to internet consumes less battery than connect to the mobile network, but when there is no connection available is desirable to disable the WiFi option to prevent the smartphone  constantly look for new networks.

Disconnect the data traffic in areas with poor coverage: In areas of low coverage may be preferable to disable the data or put the phone in airplane mode (when there is no need to receive calls) and recommend the various manufacturers. When the device has trouble connecting to the network is continually trying to get it, which carries a battery drain.

Widgets and unnecessary background applications:  Another habit that manufacturers recommend is to close or stop applications that are not in use. If the device comes standard with a task manager, there are applications designed to close apps that remain open in the background. Read more 5 FREE Optimizer App For Android.

Remove widgets or dispensable animated wallpapers, involving a battery-consumption can also be helpful to gain a little more independence.

How are lithium batteries?

Current lithium ion batteries are very different from the old Nickel batteries. Many of the tips on false charge mobile inherited practices that were convenient devices in years.

Load the smartphone for at least 8 hours before first use is not necessary. The first charge is equal to the successive. Devices when acquired come with the battery charged to 40% or 50% of its capacity, which is the appropriate level to store the batteries in periods in which the terminals are not to be used. Keep them empty or the complete opposite for long periods is harmful.

The Li-Ion batteries have no memory effect only. I.e. they will not lose the ability to connect power before its complete download before reaching 100%, or by loading frequently. If a mismatch occurs indicator can be recovered with a full charge and discharge cycle periodically.

Another recommendation is to keep them connected to the grid when they have reached 100% and load them with cover to avoid overheat (although most devices have a safety circuit to prevent this from happening). The batteries may be affected by high temperatures. 

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