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How to set up privacy on Whatsapp?

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Whatsapp is one of the applications that do not kick in almost any smartphone. Like any ‘tool’ have its pros but also many cons. Your privacy has often been questioned and competitors who claim to ensure greater security for the talks, as have Telegram. But the most popular messaging app in our country and in the world has the great advantage to have come first.

 The recent acquisition by Facebook has raised more fears, for example, using the social network can make data users. The co-founder of the app, Jan Koum has insisted that the service will not change-even incorporate voice calls – and has tried to allay fears about privacy and spying. While waiting to see if there are changes or no change, another issue is shared by Whatsapp what and how we have configured. Taking clear a couple of points you can better control the information shown.

whatsapp-security-How to set up privacy on Whatsapp

 The last connection, the status and profile picture

 One of the most common ‘problems’ is caused by the information from the last login time. Many may not want anyone to control whether or not connected, or what hour. And is easily solved. IPhone users have to enter the menu of your application and disable (Option Menu-> Settings-> Advanced-> Disable Last time online).

 Android users until recently could not do it directly from your application, but has released an update Whatsapp-for now available only from their website – incorporating new features like the ability to hide the time of last connection. Also hides the profile picture and status.

 Because these new options the user may not see certain information for a particular contact, depending on how you set your privacy settings this. A user can select the ‘option Contacts ‘so that only you can access your profile photo, status and time of the last connection who listed contact your device. If set to ‘ No ‘in the privacy settings, nobody can see your information. Currently it is not possible to hide some individuals or specific groups, unless it is locked to a particular contact.

 If you do not have the latest version of the application and you want to get Whatsapp unseen it is best to disconnect the data traffic or the wifi and turn on again when leaving. It’s what many apps designed to hide the last connection.

 Blocking contacts

 When you block someone on Whatsapp, will stop receiving your messages-also can be sent, this no longer has access to the ‘Last login’ or whether it is ‘online’ and it cannot see any change in the picture profile. Only you can know the state, which is always visible.

 The blocked user does not automatically removed from the list of contacts application. To do this, delete the phonebook of the mobile phone. But there is another set of options for configuring Whatsapp to everyone’s taste.

 For example, you can prevent Multimedia files are automatically downloaded to the library of the mobile phone, you can save and archive important conversations if the terminal is lost and there is also the possibility of deletion.

 Deconstructing the myth of the ‘double check’

 The ‘double check’ only indicates that the message has been delivered, unread. A green tick means the message has been received on the servers of WhatsApp and two tics indicate that the message has reached the recipient dispositive, but this does not have to have read it. The company itself has had to insist on it several times, on Twitter and on their website, denying the ‘famous’ myth ‘double check’.

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