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Inforgraphic: Commuter Science

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By 8am, rush hour traffic is at full throttle in most cities. Accidents, the cost of gas, and the quality of transportation aren’t the only factors that make the drive to work range from complete boredom to a total nightmare. According to traffic analyst Jim Bak, there’s another factor that can affect the daily commute: the state of the economy.

Traffic congestion dropped an astonishing 34% across the U.S. during the recession as the lack of employment and gas prices took its toll. “The declines in traffic congestion across the U.S. and Europe are indicative of stalled economies worldwide,” said Bryan Mistele, INRIX president and chief executive officer.

Read on to learn how INRIX came up with the nation’s 10 cities with the worst traffic.

The Inforgraphic about Commuter Science


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