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Your Landing Page Needs To Create An Awesome First Impression!

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With so many businesses shifting their focus to make their websites as appealing as possible, there has been a major change in the way people view it. The expectation from business websites has risen tremendously and now the focus has been on creating a breath-taking landing page. Landing page designers are constantly looking for innovative ways to make your brand stand out and give it a new perspective.

Your Landing Page Needs To Create An Awesome First Impression!

It’s not all about the design

These days the demand and focus is not just on design. People are moving on and looking for effects like Parallax to make their website more interactive. The shift has also become on content. The use of powerful short sentences has become all the trend. So in this competitive market if you’re looking for your business to be heard, then you need to consider giving your business a makeover and hire an exceptionally good landing page designer. The rise in SEM [search engine marketing] and SMM [social media marketing] has allowed people to find your site with much more ease and this means increased footfall to your website. With all of that traffic pouring in do you really want to have a drab and boring landing page?

What to keep in mind while creating a landing page?

Before going that road of actually finding out how to make a landing page you should be able to get these concepts in order:

  • What am I offering the end user?
  • What are its unique selling points?
  • How should I create urgency in need?
  • How to make the conversion process dummy proof?

Why should my landing page be good?

With the competition out there do you really want to be content with a landing page that is congested with content and lazy clipart? Well, gone are the days where people bother to read through a barrage of content to find out what you’re trying to say. Nowadays people just want to cut to the chase; know what is on offer, how it benefits them and how they can buy it. A good landing page helps:

  • Create a good impression and build on your brand’s credibility.
  • Gives the consumer the info they need with minimum text.
  • Helps with conversions from SEO, SEM and SMM.
  • Helps people take a second look at your website just because they fancy the landing page design.

Keeping your land page, neat, clean and organized helps the audience feel like the company too is transparent and organized in its dealings.

What it take to create a landing page that converts?

In order to make a landing page that helps with conversions you need to:

  • Keep it clean

White space is always good. It doesn’t overwhelm the customer with information overdose and just focuses on one primary call to action.

  • Keep it simple

While you may be tempted at times, it’s best to always keep it simple. If you want to get your customer’s to fill out a form, don’t make it complicated. Keep it straight and simple. Otherwise a complicated design may drive the user away. Remember not all people are tech savvy.

  • Quality and relevant content

Make sure your content is relevant to your users and don’t just start writing articles and blogs for the sake of increasing your rankings and SERPs. Relevant content makes your brand trustworthy and a yardstick for other brands.

  • Limit exit points

Having a clean conversion funnel that is seamless is very crucial. This is the channel that sees that maximum dropout as people find the process to complicated or even lengthy. While taking users from point A to B, make sure the steps are relevant and make sure you don’t forget design along the way.

People are naturally attracted to beautiful images

People can’t help but be attracted to beautiful graphics and images. This coupled with effects like Parallax helps your brand’s landing page work for itself.

Author Bio:

Simon Hopes, is a popular landing page designer and is responsible for increasing conversion for brands by almost 45% percent! A custom landing page, created by him is bound to leave you spell-bound as his creativity goes beyond imagination.

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