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Leading iOS Apps for Developers and Designers

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As professional web developers, designers, database developers or bloggers we are always looking for more refined technological tools to help us while we’re on the go. There are some great iOS apps that can perform a range of “on-the-go tasks” like some fast edit of a couple of lines and the like. In fact, the reason why iPhone has emerged as such a popular device is because of its range of applications that can be used by web developers alone. Recommended reading: Decisions to make before making an ios app.

Today, within the scope of this we’ll be presenting some of the top iOS and iPhone apps for designers and developers:


LiveView can be described as an exclusive remote screen viewing application aimed at helping designers to create mobile graphics and understand prototypes. This app is particularly helpful for both interaction and visual designers. The interaction designers will be able to interact with software demos and prototypes running on Mac to perform your concepts quickly. For the visual designers, it’s easier to design pixel-perfect graphics fast with the live view of the canvas, while they are working. Both retina and standard displays are supported by LiveView.

Both retina and standard displays are supported by LiveView


It is an iOS application that is apt for providing mobile friendly experience for the Stack Exchange network sites. Though it is not really affiliated with Stack Exchange Inc. it offers a way in which you can log in to your Stack Exchange account. The content is generally delivered to the app with the help of the Stack Exchange version.

Developers Tool Kit

The Developers Tool Kit is one of the most easy-to-use applications that is particularly designed for web developers and comes in handy for coding purposes (either for software or website). Each of the symbols that you want is designated with a UTF-8 or Unicode. There is a built-in calculator that’s easy to use calculator and can be operated faster than most of the other calculators out there.

Designers HQ

“Designers HQ” represents a small mobile community or forum whereby users are able to find a lot of information with regard to tutorials, designs, tricks, tip and free things that can be used in the design. The content used in the forum is taken from any of the major websites.

HTTP Status Codes Free

This one, again, is a wonderful app for developers. The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol response and error codes application serves as an effective tool that can be used as a reference for finding the meaning of HTTP error codes and HTTP status while troubleshooting web pages. One of the major pros of this application is that it can be easily searched with a code name. You can even number Browse it with the help of code category. Tactful web developers wouldn’t even require an internet connection to perform some of the crucial functions.


This one remains a powerful productivity tool for generating and maintaining color for designers. With this a designer can actually turn the entire iOS device in to a color generation tool whereby he can create a color palette any time anywhere. There are 5 color models that can be utilized. You can even take colors from a website or photograph. There are 3 levels of this application that designers can choose from:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Pro

You can directly upgrade from the free version to the other ones within the application, thereby bolstering functionality to a great extent. When you install Palettes for the first time or initially, you would get the Pro level for free.

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