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A List of Technologies worth Waiting for In the Year 2014

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It all started with simple typewriters. And then we gradually moved on to an era where even laptops seem to be primitive. Yes, the modern man is armed with latest ipads, Android and iOS devices that can be more lethal than intercontinental ballistic missiles. Mobile devices, of all things, have witnessed a radical improvement in terms of technology. In the second decade of the 21st century, revolutionary technologies are pushing them to a level never reached before.

The groundwork for the launch of new and advanced technologies in 2014 has already being laid in 2013. Now, it’s just a matter of time before your mobile devices get laden with cutting-edge technologies. While some of you might have to discard your old devices to adapt to the changes, others may just update their devices to enjoy these technologies.

Given below is a short discussion on the list of technologies that mobile technology experts feel are worth waiting for. You are sure to go gaga over them. Read on…

  • 64-bit apps: The 64-bit Apple A7 processor has already debuted with the all new iOS7. This processor is compatible with iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad Mini (with Retina display). This technology is expected to gain a lot of popularity in 2014. The new processor chip has modern instruction set. In addition to that the new chip doubles up the general purpose and floating point registers over previous versions of Apple’s processors. There’s a lot of noise about the new 64-bit apps. It is sure to be one of the most awaited technologies.

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  • Spatial Sensitivity: Motorola Mobility launched its X8 motion coprocessor in the MotoX in 2013. Apple followed closely with its own M8 motion coprocessor. You can find Apple’s M8 motion coprocessor in devices like iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and Retina iPad Mini. This technology of spatial sensitivity is mainly designed for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You can find this technology with fitness monitors and navigation devices. Before we move forward to the next ground-breaking technology of 2014, let’s see in brief what a motion coprocessor does to special sensitivity…

With a motion coprocessor mobile devices can easily incorporate tracking their own motion including the peripherals into their computing. The benefit of using a coprocessor means reduction of power usage from the main processors of the devices. So, mobile apps that use spatial sensitivity can run for a long period of time, even when your device is asleep! The year 2014 will see the use of motion coprocessor in many mobile devices and not just for devices that people use to run or lose weight!

  • Beacons: These are little devices that are going to get popular in the upcoming months. Beacons use Bluetooth technology to communicate with your smartphones and tablets. Thus, Beacons serve as information waystations. However, do not confuse Beacon with Wi-Fi access point as the former is not access point at all! They are location-specific points of contact. This new technology is expected to be of great interest to urban planners, retailers in a mall, and police. With Beacons, they can know where you are and then can customize content and services accordingly.

This is a list of just three of the mobile technologies that are expected to make it big in 2014! There are others like Miracast and MBaaS, which are also among the list of coolest technologies. Wait for them as they can bring the much awaited revolution in your mobile experience.

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