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The Major Mistakes That Telemarketers Make

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Telemarketers have a difficult job. They are tasked with calling people at home, when they are enjoying a quiet and relaxing evening and don’t want to be disturbed. Then, they have to sell them a product without any prior relationship – which usually ends in the customer coldly ending the call. Of course, you can’t really blame the customer for this – no one wants to be disturbed and sold to in their home. This is why many people use a nuisance call blocker in order to prevent these calls.

There are a lot of techniques that telemarketers use to make the sale, but some of them make a few vital mistakes that really ruin their chances of success. Perhaps these are a result of poor sales training, or just laziness on the part of the telemarketer. Either way, they are annoying because not only are you being interrupted during dinner by a salesperson; you are being interrupted during dinner by a bad salesperson.

The Major Mistakes That Telemarketers Make

So what are some of the biggest errors that telemarketers make when they are trying to sell you their products? Here are some of the major mistakes that telemarketers make – and why people find them so irritating.

They Fail to Improvise

Many telemarketers work with a script in front of them and don’t quite know what to do when the conversation deviates from this. You can tell when a telemarketer is working from a script because if you ask them a question or give them a response that they were not expecting, they suddenly become flustered and don’t know what to say. Many telemarketers are not able to improvise and go with the flow of the conversation – adjusting their strategy based on your response. This is why you can often thwart a telemarketer by giving them such a left-field response that they just don’t even know what to say to you. However, a really skilled salesperson will be able to response effortlessly to whatever you throw at them.

They Talk Too Much and Don’t Listen

Have you ever answered the phone to a telemarketer, only to have them launch into a long spiel describing the many benefits of their product? These telemarketers don’t understand that sales are about listening and communicating, rather than just talking. This is why many people are irritated by chattering telemarketers who don’t stop talking and they set up a telephone call blocker to stop them.

They Are Unfamiliar With the Product

Here’s something to try the next time a telemarketer contacts you – ask them specific details about their product. Sometimes they will be able to give you a well-informed answer – but other times they will really struggle to give you more detail about what they are selling. This usually indicates that they only have a superficial knowledge of their product.

This is a great opportunity for you to end the call, explaining that you can’t really commit to buying something that they know nothing about.

Not Scrubbing Their Phone Number List

Every telemarketing company has a list of phone numbers and some even have an auto-dial program which will automatically go through the list calling people one by one. It is important for the company to “scrub” this data regularly, because otherwise they can end up calling people who have already been asked to be put on the Do Not Call list. This is a major mistake that telemarketing companies make – because they can even be sued for calling people who have requested to be put on the Do Not Call list. There is no excuse for this – because there is software available for telemarketing companies which will help them to update their telemarketing lists. If you receive a call from a telemarketing company after you have made a request to be put on their Do Not Call List – you can make a big deal about it and if it persists you can even take it to court.

These are just a few examples of how telemarketers can be bad at their jobs and can make major mistakes when selling to you on the phone. These are some of the reasons why people find telemarketers so annoying – because not only are they interrupting your private time to tell you something – but they are not even good at what they do. If you find yourself constantly interrupted by annoying telemarketers, you can try to get yourself on the “Do Not Call” list or use a call blocker to stop these annoying calls from happening – so that you can enjoy your evenings in peace.

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