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MEGASync Desktop App for Windows Review

Posted In Online Storage - By Raja Kumar on Monday, April 28th, 2014 With No Comments »

After Megaupload was shut down, a new company Mega, Ltd. took over the place with their file hosting service and is run by KimDotCom. Megaupload was destroyed by US Government in 2012. There is already an android app of Mega available for cloud storage. Now, an beta version of Mega is released for Windows OS allowing users to sync their files with cloud. It is same as Dropbox and similar cloud storage providers where user have to set the specific folders on PC to be synced. (Find more useful Sync tool here)

While installing the app, user have to choose between typical and advanced install, In advanced install configurations are needed.
Once it is installed, users have to log in to their Mega online account.

MEGASync Desktop App for Windows Review

When the app is running, it creates an tray icon and syncs the files inside the selected folders to its cloud storage. Users can select the folders which they need to be backed up. Manual sync is also possible if user doesn’t like the automatic option and the app runs in background.

MEGASync Desktop App for Windows Review 3

From tray icon, account details and preferences can be viewed and changed.

MEGASync Desktop App for Windows Review 4

As we know that the app is very similar to Dropbox but there is something what makes this app a unique one. It is the feature that allows the users to link multiple different folders to different folders in their cloud storage. This is done via Sync tab in the app settings.MEGASync Desktop App for Windows Review 5

Users can add different folders and sync them with different folders on their cloud storage.

Anyways, it is an promising app for the users of Mega, It is currently in beta and runs on Windows XP, 7 and 8.

Download the: MEGASync Desktop App for Windows

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