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Why Microsoft Should Merge Windows Phone OS and Windows RT?

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Tech industry pundits almost immediately lambast the Windows RT when it arrived in 2012. They started to beat the anti-Windows RT drum wherever they go and it appears that the disappointing sales figures of Windows RT devices is a proof of its impending death. We have heard many arguments that explain why the company should ditch Windows RT altogether and analysts argue about how foolish the company is for still thinking that its Surface 2 tablet a serious contender in the market. Nevertheless, others always hold the mobile platform in a rather different light. They believe that the software is here to stay and it is a good platform to complement the traditional x86 Windows OS on PC.

Windows 8-RT-Surface -Why Microsoft Should Merge Windows Phone OS and Windows RT?

Microsoft is big enough to handle some failures and it should be pointed out that in nearly a decade, the company had ridden on a huge $3 billion of losses in Xbox sales. This persistence finally paid off and the new Xbox 360 was able to stand as the most popular gaming console in the US, beating the Sony PlayStation 3 for nearly 3 years. 

Microsoft has Windows Phone for smartphones, Windows RT for tablet and the full-fledged Windows OS for PC. It may be a good idea for the company to streamline its software offering. There’s little reason for Redmond to keep offering three distinct mobile platforms and it could finally get away with a unified mobile Windows platform. This will integrate the smartphone and tablet lineup. While it is risky, the move is entirely plausible and possible. This also makes sense for average consumers in the long run, because they could benefit from improved compatibility.

Windows Phone 8-Why Microsoft Should Merge Windows Phone OS and Windows RT?

Windows Phone and Windows RT also need to merge, so the company’s development resources won’t be exhausted for handling separate ecosystems. This also means that the company could remove the barrier between both platforms in one fell swoop. The unified operating system could carry the familiar Modern UI interface, which is well optimized for typical touch-centric operations. This could also benefits smartphone users, because the unification will also bring to the table traditional Office usability and improved multitasking capability.

Windows RT is also well optimized to run on ARM-based hardware and it could benefit users when long battery life is needed. Both the original Surface and Surface 2 tablets come with a battery life that is on par with what’s offered by the iPad. It delivers better computing functionality for typical end users, while Intel always promises an increasingly improved battery life with each new x86 lineup. Long battery life has helped Apple to build a sustainable mobile model and features of Windows RT will provide all the necessary essential pieces to make Windows-based smartphones more appealing to consumers.

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