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Mobile Apps for Those Who Want to Stay Glued to the Entertainment World

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Mobile applications are growing in number and popularity by each passing day. Because Smartphones have become more than luxury gadgets and have turned into necessities, the mobile application development companies are making sure they do not lag behind the increasing stack of demands. After all, who doesn’t want to cash in on something that poised for greater heights!

Now, the mobile application developers have always made sure that they develop applications centered around the entertainment need of their customers. Entertainment is something that has always caught the fancy of people – be it on television or radio or even on mobile phones. The wholesomeness of entertainment doesn’t spare anybody and keeping that in mind, the mobile app developers create specialized mobile apps that help users stay connected to the entertainment world in a manner most empowered. And this is where mobile apps for entertainment play their role. Any software development company these days is also keeping a team of app developers to make the most out of this trend.

Mobile applications are growing in number and popularity by each passing day.

On this date, there is a sea of some incredible mobile applications that you stay in touch with Hollywood or for that matter any film or Television industry in the world. Here is a list of some such apps that have been created with a lot of flair, and hence have also found themselves a place in most Smartphones today


Easily the most popular movie website on the Internet, IMDB gives you a great insight into the movie-dom. And the IMDB app is made to utilize the best features of this site right on your phone. Install this app and know what the latest releases are, watch the trailers of upcoming movies, know about all the scandals of Hollywood, extract all the information around who’s marrying whom and who’s ditching whom and much more..


Flixster has firmly made a special place for itself in the world of mobile applications. ensuring no piracy, and at the same time, ease of download and access to the latest movies, Flixster is emerging to be THE place for movie enthusiasts to find and download their most anticipated movies. It is a totally legalized application that is being downloaded by thousands of people every day and the number is only headed north.

Rotten Tomatoes

A website that gives great competition to IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes is another popular website for the movie buff, and so has its app become. Install the application and you can have the verdict of latest releases right on your fingertips. Know which movie has got how much rating, which movie is there to be seen and which is there to be ignored. This wonderful app makes extracting all this information a breeze, so to speak.


If you are not willing to settle for lower quality of music on your Smartphone, Poweramp is for you. app and web development has taken major leaps, and this app is a testament to those. The digital capability of this app takes it beyond any standard app. There are powerful equalizers and various other options to customize the sound. And it does play songs of almost all the formats.

With such power-packed features, it becomes too easy a decision to try these apps out. As software development field grows, we are going to see a bigger influx of these apps in future.

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