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myMail – An responsive email app for android

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A great email application with great services is extremely vital for all operating systems and Android and ios have great default email applications. myMail is another email application intended for Android and also ios and accompanies both the platforms and additionally tablets. So you can download it on ipad, iphone and Android cell phones and tablets.

mymail-android app- An responsive email app for android

myMail brings all your email accounts into one straightforward and brilliant interface and the great thing is that it has outstanding support for all mainstream email administrations including Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, icloud, Hotmail and Outlook. So you can have all your messages in one spot as opposed to the need of utilizing numerous default applications.

Mymail screenshot- An responsive email app for android

The interface of the application is decent and gives a new look to your inbox. You can get to the folders in your account by swiping from the left. You can additionally arrange numerous accounts with the application. The application has a considerable amount of services which incorporates:

1. Push Notifications –  Can be customized as user’s needs to fit his life or work.

2. Get the moment warning of new messages – regardless of the possibility that your email service provider doesn’t support this service.

3. Turn warnings on or off and set notices according to your needs.

4. Set a “calm time” to filter out your work life from your individual life.

5. Your Inbox – More secure and attractive

6. Explore through the message rundown quicker with your companions’ avatars and symbols for famous services.

7. Tweak the appearance of the messages on  your gadget by turning on or turning off avatars of the friends.

8. Search like a smart not stupid.

9. In a flash of a light scroll through all messages.

10. Make your query quicker with suggestion keywords and contact recommendations.

Mymail screenshot 2- An responsive email app for android

Here is the manner by which myMail looks on ipad. Whether you utilize myMail on an open or secured Wi-Fi system, your information is constantly protected to secure all your email contacts and data. myMail utilizes heading industry security conventions and practices to guarantee information uprightness, security, and protection.

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