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Do Something Special To Your Garden This Summer With The Help Of 5 Great Apps

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There is an unlimited number of things you can do in your garden whether it’s growing veg or building a pond, but do you have any idea how to do any of those things in the first place? Lots of people view their garden as another world compared to the inside of their home, but you don’t need to think that way anymore. Check out some of these cool green apps that can help you with various things you might want to do inside your garden this summer.

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Landscape & Garden Calculators

Some people didn’t think they needed to pay attention in math class because they’d never need to work out any complex calculations once they left school, but as you’ve probably found out this isn’t the case. Even if you’re redesigning your garden you will need to make a few calculations you can’t afford to get wrong. When you’re trying to measure vegetable plots or fence dimensions you’ll need some help and the Landscape & Garden Calculators app will help you every step of the way.

Check out some of these cool apps that can help you with various things you might want to do inside your garden this summer.Beginners Gardening Guide

If you don’t have green fingers and you want to build a fantastic garden you’ll need to do a lot of research otherwise you might not end up with your vision becoming a reality. By using something like the Beginners Gardening Guide app it will cut down on your research time by telling you all the basics you need to know to get started. By the time you’ve explored the app you should be able to create your ideal garden and you will have the green fingers you need to let it flourish.


Once you decide you want to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits in your garden you can’t just start planting things in the ground. You will only be able to plant certain things at various points throughout the year and Gardenate can help by telling you when it’s time to start planting. The information you’ll receive is also localized, which means if you live in a northern state you won’t be following the same guidelines as a southerner because planting times will vary depending on where you live.

Organic Gardening

Organic food has been growing in popularity over the last decade, but at the moment it’s not taken off as you would expect for one big reason. I’m sure everyone would rather eat vegetables that have been grown without the use of toxic chemicals, but when you check the prices in the supermarket it’s enough to send you into shock. If you can’t afford to throw away a ton of money on organic vegetables you should use the Organic Gardening app because it will teach you how to grow your own.

Garden Design Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas on your own and you can spend months trying to think of ways to make your garden more beautiful, so it’s nice to have a place you can visit for inspiration. Garden Design Ideas is the perfect place to go when you want great ideas, whether it’s simple garden layouts or more elaborate marble statue designs. Once you find something you fall in love with straight away you can incorporate the idea into your own garden to make it stand out.

The perfect time to start

If you do plan on doing anything to your garden it’s now the perfect time to start because it’s getting warmer and it will be a long time until winter comes back around. If any of the apps we’ve spoken about today have switched a light bulb on inside your head you should look into them further so you can do something special to your garden this summer.

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