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Steps Followed by iOS Developers for Creating a User Friendly iOS Application

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Although developing iOS apps may seem a little bit daunting but the process can be divided into several steps. These steps will take you in the right direction of developing your iOS application.

Introduction to the steps being used:

1. Flowchart

Preparing a flowchart about the complete project is the basic and the initial step of developing an iOS application. A flowchart is a type of a diagram that represents a complete algorithm for how and what to the app. iOS developers prepares a complete flowchart before they start working on an application. With the help o this chart they follow the complete steps for designing an application.

2. Categorizing your application

The next step is to decide the category of the app that you are going to design. Apps are divided into various categories like educational apps, sports app, gaming apps, health related apps, business apps, books, finance, Music, Lifestyle, Social Networking, Utilities, Weather and many more. There is a plethora of categories for which you can design your application.

When the client gives the idea about the app mainly it gets decided that what type of app the customer is asking for. We can directly put the application into that category and can proceed with the work.

 iOS developers prepares a complete flowchart before they start working on an application.

3. Technologies that are used

The operating system for iPhone application development and iPad apps is iOS. The operating system manages the hardware of the devices and provides the technologies that are required to develop the desired application. The iOS Software Development Kit which is known as SDK contain all the tools and interfaces that are required for developing, installing and running the native apps that appear on the home screen of the iOS.

Mainly these applications are built using the iOS system frameworks and objective C language and run directly on iOS. These native applications are installed directly on the device and therefore they are always available to the user. These apps reside next to the other applications in the system and then are synced to the user’s computer through iTunes. 

4. Designing the Graphics

During this phase, refining of the appearance of the application is done. We design the graphics of the application until the user and we are happy with the designs. As soon as we have designed the graphics of the game we are ready to implement the process. The designing is done according to the category of the app. If the application is meant for kids, it is given a little brighter color to attract children and if it is designed for business purpose the graphics are given an elegant look to mark a difference.

5. Time Estimation

The total time is being estimated for the application to get designed. Applying the calculations, processing and checking the functionality of the app might take some time. Usually the time taken for developing a simple iOS application is minimum of three months; rest it depends upon the type of the application you want to get developed. If the application is a bit complex it might take a little long to get developed.

6. Implementing the app

This is the final step for developing an application. After the flowchart, categorizing and graphic designing the basic idea behind the application is implemented. Implementation asks for the following steps: Incorporating the data, designing the model of the application and finally implementing the model for your application.

These are some basic steps that are used for designing an iOS application completely. Once the application is ready, it’s been checked for its functionality various times and then it is uploaded on the Apple store.

Katie Stanfield is a writer who writes on mobile technology. At present, she is working with Xperts Infosoft – a leading iOS App Development Company in India, also provides iPhone, Android, iPad, windows and Blackberry apps development solutions.

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