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A Successful Business: The importance of Outsourcing Your IT Support

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Whatever the size of your business, IT support will always be of great importance and benefit to the growth and future of it. Outsourcing this IT support is an excellent way of ensuring that you are able to achieve quality as well as affordability, which is a huge advantage when running a business. But what exactly are the benefits of outsourcing your IT support, and how can an IT support company help you grow and progress your business?

Experience and Expertise

A lack of in-house experts should not stop your business from taking advantage of the latest software and technology that is available in your industry. Being able to outsource business needs that relate to IT services and support allows your business to tap into specialist skills and knowledge that you may not otherwise have access to.

Before you hire an in-house IT specialist it is important to remember that however proficient they may be, it is unlikely that they will have an in-depth knowledge of every piece of software your company uses. Seeking the help of an IT support company means that you will have access to a number of experienced consultants who, as a whole, will be able to provide you with expert assistance in all areas of IT.

Do What You Do Best

There was a reason that you started your business. You wanted to follow a specific path; you knew where the market was heading or you were just really good at something. Expanding your business should not mean that you need to change the key foundations of it. Using an IT support service like ARC Systems will allow your business to do what it does best and allow you and your employees to focus on your businesses core competencies, rather than unfamiliar IT tasks. As a result of being able to focus your skills, your business will become more efficient and able to use its resources proficiently.

Outsourcing your IT services also means that you are able to budget more effectively as you can guarantee fixed costs. And thanks to a measurable outlay, you will be able to calculate your return on investment accurately.

Enjoy Round the Clock Support

Being able to maximise your uptime is key to ensuring the smooth running of your company. A systems failure can potentially occur at any time of day or night and if your IT department works on a 9-to-5 basis you may not notice a serious problem until hours after it has happened. By outsourcing your IT support you will have access to a service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you peace of mind and ensuring that any issues are handled as quickly as possible and that your uptime is maximised.

Have You Planned for a Bad Day?

Well, have you? 

One in five businesses will suffer disruption every year and if your business is unable to resume operations within 10 day then it is not likely to survive; so how can you make sure that if you are that one business, you live to trade another day? The key is offsite data storage. If your business’s IT systems are essential to your business operations then it is crucial that you have your data backed up.

ARC Systems produced this infographic below to demonstrate what would happen if you’re complacent…

arc-infographic-AW-A Successful Business: The importance of Outsourcing Your IT Support

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