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Tip: How to take 100 website screenshots in 1 minute

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Background Information:

To take one screenshot of one website page is very easy, you can press “PrintScreen” key and save it by windows paint as a file. However, in some case, we have 100 URLs of page need to save as screenshot, then we need a tool to help us to finish the boring job.

Possible Cases:

QA engineer need to check a whole website’s page;

Website master want to know whole website whether good or not;

Artist want to save all of pages of one websites as image file for future usage.

Best Solution:

I do not want to talk about how to get all of the URLs of one website. There are a lot of tools can do that. After you get the URLs, you need a tool can handle those URLs and convert URL to image or whatever format you need.

Step 1:

Go to and sign up. No worry, it is free.

Step 2:

Go to this page:

Step 3:

step 3-How to take 100 website screenshots in 1 minute

Parse the URLs list to the input box of this page. You can select capture entire page and the device you need. They support iPhone, Android Phone and iPad, and PC of cause.

Step 4:

step 4-How to take 100 website screenshots in 1 minute

Click the submit button and wait for 1 minute (it will take around 1 minute for around 100 URLs.)

Step 5:

step 5-How to take 100 website screenshots in 1 minute

Download the zip file of images by click the download button.


With the tool like page2images, we can finish the job like take 100 screenshots in 1 minute by free. As you can see, I think Page2Images also can improve their logic to support take a entire website screenshot. 🙂 It will be very helpful of end users.


I tried around 10 free website screenshot service provider including: snapito, thrinktheweb. Only Page2Images have this feature in their website and API. I strongly recommend you their API service. It is the best one in the world. If you have any question, you can contact their support via website form. Their support is very good to answer questions.

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