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The Top Advantages of Outsourced IT Support for Your Enterprise

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Today’s business environment requires you to be constantly connected with the outside world – not just with suppliers and stakeholders, but also (and more importantly) with clients. This is one of the primary reasons why you would need a strong IT network which you can rely on for all your business processes, procedures, and communications.

Whilst traditionally, especially in the UK, it has been standard for a business to have an in-house IT department, this is quickly changing. Nowadays, more enterprises are turning to outsourced support that gives them exactly what they need, when they need it – without the issues associated with a huge financial investment. If you have an enterprise in the UK, instead of building up your own IT department, you can now rely on the services of an outside IT department which is just as professional, just as available, and just as committed to your needs. In an area like Oxford, for instance, which has its share of enterprises and organisations, it pays to have locally based IT assistance which can address your IT needs and issues in a short time.

The Top Advantages of Outsourced IT Support for Your Enterprise

Let’s take a closer look at the other benefits of outsourced support for IT:


This is perhaps the biggest benefit you can get from outsourced support for your IT network. When you enlist the services of an IT expert, then you do not have to spend extra money setting up a network of your own. This inevitably frees up your financial resources, which you can then spend on other investments and activities that enable your business to grow. Another aspect related to cost-effectiveness is investment in people. If you have your own IT department, you would need a staff of at least two (or more, depending on the size of your enterprise). This entails salaries, benefits, workspaces, and more.

The amount you spend on support for your IT needs is also highly variable – expect to spend between £10 for each user per month (for very basic support) and up to £350 for more advanced comprehensive support. The cost is really up to you and your requirements. But in this, you will also have full control of how much you are willing to spend.

Access to a wide range of IT experts

When you opt for outsourced support, you have access to a wider range of IT professionals and experts. You will not be limited to just one or two IT personnel who may or may not know anything about a particular problem. Instead, with outsourced support, you can count on the services of a bevy of professionals who have the experience and qualifications to tackle any issues you may be faced with. This solves problems more quickly as well, leaving you with less likelihood of your business operations being interrupted for a long time.

Increased staff productivity and efficiency

Let’s say you don’t have an ‘official’ IT department, but rather a person on your staff who knows a bit about IT. Chances are, they may end up being the one everyone turns to whenever they have a problem with their desktop, their Internet connectivity, and the like. What happens, then, is that this person will not be able to work as productively because they might be bombarded with questions and problems with the network. But if you have outsourced assistance from an IT support Oxford provider, your employees will be able to concentrate on their work and improve their productivity and efficiency, helping your business grow.

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