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Top Reasons Why Mobiles will become More Powerful in 2014

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With mobiles being actively involved in accessing the internet, it is not just the iPhones and Moto X that corner the market. There are several types of mobile devices that access a site paving way for a greater amount of personalization. The emergence of mobile websites is proof of how fast they are becoming an integral part of internet users. From adjusting the thermostat and tracking your weight to tracking your children, there are many things that your smartphone can accomplish. Here are some great reasons as to why mobiles are gaining an upper hand in 2014. Recommended reading: Top Ten Must-Have Apps for 2014.

Top Reasons Why Mobiles will become More Powerful in 2014

Far Better Reach

Mobiles are on their way to become the primary source of traffic now. The contextual nature of a mobile can never be realized from an application in a desktop. Internet has become mobile now and the mobile app developers are quick to exploit this. You now get applications that

  • Are built according to a user’s particular needs
  • Capture the bandwidth and processing power of the user
  • Assess the battery life and other regular features

This type of capability has made it possible for users to decide on the app they want without having to worry about less bandwidth, processing, and battery power.

The Moto X has been a sweet handheld machine since its August 2013 release, the device flagged the Android 4.2.2, but soon you will get the kit-kat (Android 4.4.2) anytime. I am not here to make a review but you know 4G is one of the most awaited new technologies any net surfer will expect on a new device, wink you get it here. If you can take time to check one out of its online review, I bet it, you will get tempted to order one because of the low budget despite how powerful the features you will get.

Mobile Transactions

Mobile banking is catching up fast, but the restrictions make it being a sparsely used method. But now there are many companies that provide mobile payment options where you get to pay using your phone apps. Moving money or stopping a transaction, you find a breach in security is easy with the highly developed apps that are now being introduced. Recommended reading: 5 iOS Apps to Help You Manage Your Money Efficiently.

Browsing on the Move

The concept of mobile browsing has become more prevalent now. And this trend is predicted to increase further. Marketing as a result has shifted to the mobile channels where traffic is more pronounced. This evolving trend is all geared up to get more advanced with the introduction of newer apps that have advanced technological applications.

Integrated Technology

With the research on smartphone apps escalating day by day, mobile is just not for use when you are on the move. Better integration with home is what companies are looking forward. Customers can now connect to all the electronic devices in their home and control them while they are away. Looking into the grocery supply at home from the super market before buying will be possible with the new technological introductions.


With mobiles being used widely for all types of tasks, it has become necessary for safety of information. Biometrics and scanning of face and fingerprint have become an important part of security measures as the password use is outdated now.

The rapid growth of mobiles in a short span has indeed been remarkable. It is therefore not surprising that an even bigger change is in the anvil for the mobile users. As 2014 progresses, newer apps and advanced technological innovations will pave the way for a better integrated experience with mobiles. Right from browsing a site to controlling your refrigerator at home, everything will be literally in your hands.

Peter Taylor supports the fact that mobile technologies have redefined comfort, allowing you preserve time for other important works. The wise use of mobile app is one step forward in this direction which when explored perfectly can bring that lenience in your life.

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