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A Few of the Top Web Development Apps for Android

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Android remains one of the favorite subjects of web developers as they are always in search of the best Web Development apps that are suited for this platform (i.e. Android). A considerably diligent search would also guide you through a bevy of apps that are compatible to perhaps each and every aspect of web development ranging from the FTP client to the web server itself to source code viewer that helps you see the source code on any web page whatsoever.

Here’s a primer on the various Android web development apps that would not only help you to create a web page from literally nothing but also let you test the same on the web server. Not only are they among the best that can be found but some of them are free as well!

Solid Explorer

Android remains one of the favorite subjects of web developers as they are always in search of the best Web Development apps that are suited for this platform (i.e. Android). And thus we start off with a free app. Thus, no question of being saddled with irritating adds. Even if you aren’t a pro at web development, this one can turn out to be helpful. This app (in beta) offers a range of features including:

  • Multiple view settings, bookmarking, searching and sorting features
  • An immensely effective and fast text editor
  • A 2 pane window that facilitates movement of files
  • Remote and local file access consisting of networks, Dropbox, root, SFTP, FTP. Since, Dropbox is mentioned anyway, know for a fact that Dropbox is itself a wonderful app that aids you in synchronizing your files across your mobile devices and computers so that you can access them anywhere. The files in the Dropbox can be easily accessed through your Android devices.

JavaScript Reference

This reference app scores over the other reference apps like JavaScript, HTML, jQuery and CSS, owing to the fact that it has a very neat and well-maintained user interface. It has been taken from W3CSchool’s documentation. The methods and properties of each of the objects thus provided are very detailed- this in turn acts as a wonderful resource and consists of all browser objects, built-in JavaScript objects as well as HTML DOM objects.

MySQL Connect

MySQL scores owing to the very simple fact that it often turns out to be our only resort without a PC. It’s a relatively decent app that has an obvious edge over several desktop clients. And yes, it’s also free!


It’s primary function is to help you to move files to your web server through FTP along with SCP, SFTP and FTPS protocols. This app is available with a FTP file browser and the device file browser- that actually enables you to view the files both on the remote server and on your Android device. You are also entitled to delete, rename, follow permissions, copy and create folders.

VT View Source

It is difficult to find many developer tools on Android as its fairly minimal in that respect. Now, VT View Source is an innovative app that works with all browsers and allows you to see the core HTML. You can easily share the page URL, after the app is installed. Then you can easily open the downloads and view the source, clearly displayed by VT! Check out the color schemes as well.

kWS- Android Web Server

The server that runs especially on Android device is backed by the Linux system. One of its biggest advantages is its amazing speed. If you are actually taking help of this server to load the pages  through the local Wifi network, then you won’t even notice any difference from any other web server that you can access.


A bit of research would eventually lead you to websites like and that would inform you sufficiently about conventional web hosting as well!

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