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Webpage Screenshot Capture review

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Webpage Screenshot Capture by is an easy to use online tool. Captures screenshots of webpages within 20 seconds, this program is browser based and free of cost to use.

Webpage Screenshot Capture review

Webpage Screenshot Capture working mechanism is same as search engines, just content box is to be filled with destination url, as soon as  the “Take Screenshot” button is clicked the program’s engine starts as shown below:

Webpage Screenshot Capture review

After 20 seconds the engine renders a screenshot of the destination url filled in the content box as shown below:

Webpage Screenshot Capture review

All this processing is done within 20 seconds, Rendered screenshot can be saved to the local hard disks or uploaded to the cloud storage.

Notable features include:

Capture Any Page via URL

Just an url is to be entered in url box, no other useless tasks.

Highly – Customizable Image Size and Quality

As shown in Image – 3, Image quality can be changed as per users need

High, Standard or Low.

Customizable Image Formats

The image format can be switched between PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF giving flexibility to users for importing image in different programs.

Free Cloud Storage for Images features their own cloud storage support. As soon as

the “save online” button is clicked a dialogue box pops up asking you for

Image title and Image view Password (Optional).

Webpage Screenshot Capture review

Save Image as a File

This feature allows users to download the rendered screenshot on their local hard disks. As soon as “Save Image as a file” button is clicked the browser starts downloading the image.

Available in different languages

Switching between different languages is possible. The language support includes English, French, Deutsch, Italiano, etc.

Image Password for cloud storage

When saving an screenshot to the cloud storage of, The Image can be password protected for prevention of unauthorized access.


  • Very easy to use and browser based.
  • Simply copy and paste url of the webpages.
  • Beautifully designed user interface.
  • Flexibility among Image formats.
  • Different levels of Image quality.
  • Take screenshots instantly (20 seconds).
  • Edit screenshots.
  • Online cloud storage support.
  • Download Image on hard disk.
  • Switch among different languages.
  • User reviews via comment box.


  • Web Interface lacks editing support (Software downloading needed).
  • Cloud storage is limited to, No uploading to other cloud storages like google drive, dropbox, etc.
  • Sometimes the program’s engine runs too slow and takes upto 2 minutes to render an image.

Webpage Screenshot Capture review

  • Big sites like Digitalpoint takes more than 2 minutes to load.
  • No help documentations are provided to users.

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