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What if my mobile Android starts to go slow?

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For a couple of weeks ago I have new phone, a Motorola Moto G whose only fault is its internal memory of 8 GB. I was used to an internal memory of 32 GB and the difference at first you note. However, after a few weeks the phone starts to go slow. For me it is not a problem, I know what to do, but that is the situation in which there are many. What if an Android phone starts to go slow?

Android vs turtle - What if my mobile Android starts to go slow?

Not a single problem

First, it should be noted that it is not a problem that belongs only to Android. If you’re torn between purchasing a mobile or Android, do not think that this is a reason to dismiss it; Android is not going slow, the mobile itself. But as can happen with a Motorola Moto G may occur with a Samsung with a 64 GB, iPhone 5s, and even the world’s most powerful computer. It may happen, for everything serves a specific phenomenon that affects all electronic devices in the world, and none is saved. So, this problem does not make you buy an Android phone, because it is something that you will find anywhere, and the reasons to buy an iPhone may be the same in this case you do opt for a 32 GB Nexus 5 rather than the cheaper version.

A memory problem

Everything is focused on a single element, memory. Whether you have the fastest processor in the world, the end one depends on a memory which has to work, which is what stores all. In some way, no matter what the engine is the most powerful in the world if it turns the wheels physically cannot go faster. But in this case, the problem is how full the memory, which in turn also makes the reading speed, is lower. If you have ever had memory problems on your computer, you will have noticed that I inform you that may not work with less than 200 MB. You need that amount of memory to run, or in some cases maybe more. If you do not have that memory does not work well. Although we are told it has a memory of 16 GB, you must have a certain amount free to work well, no more.

It is the internal memory

And no, no matter the external memory. If your mobile phone is slow, it is a matter of internal memory. There the operating system and all other essential functions of the smartphone are installed. And if it is slow, is that memory problem. Do not delete photos from the memory card, it does not matter, what matters is what is in the internal memory. Therefore, you have to locate items that are in the memory and not on the outside, as they could be text messages, calendar events, anything that will take up much space but you’ve realized. For example, a common mistake is to have recorded a video set without microSD card. Although then you put, you may have stored a HD video on your internal memory without realizing it. Recommended reading: How to fix the problem in writing to the SD Android KitKat.

Remove the external memory

To find out if you are in a memory erase or another, something simple is to remove the external memory. Removing the microSD memory know that everything that appears on the mobile is in the internal memory and everything that will help you eliminate the phone go faster. So you can easily locate photos, songs or videos you might have stored in the internal memory and they were very difficult to locate, being mixed with what they were in the external memory.

Clears applications

All the apps you do not want, remove them. If you do not use it, you must uninstall them. Even though they are stored in external memory, these applications take up space on the internal memory, and is often key to uninstall everything goes well. Going to Settings> Applications and the Downloaded tab, you can sort the list to show the first of highest concern, so you can know what’s going to help you if you remove it. Read more 5 FREE Optimizer Apps For Android.

Formats Mobile

At a point where you do not get the phone you go fast, its best format. For many months you may have installed and uninstalled many applications. You could even have a virus, although it is unlikely. Or are you just not able to find the key which is consuming a lot of memory on your smartphone. It is a fact that every so often you have to formatter your electronic devices to work again as the first day. Get everything you do not want to lose, and completely format your phone. In most Android you can find this option in Settings> Backup and Restore. In others, it is in the Storage section or even security. If you cannot find it, search Google how to reset your smartphone. And then tries to install only the necessary apps, and spend the necessary files. Your phone will function as the first day.Find more about Android backup here.

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