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What To Do With Wedding Items After A Divorce

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There are many items that will be left over after going through a divorce. Whether out in the open on a coffee table or packed up in drawers and closets, memories will be left everywhere. What one decides to do with these items can depend on several things, how the break up went, if there are any kids involved, or how long the marriage lasted for.

Many people just want to move on and having those items linger around your home can be difficult in getting over the divorce. You might still be in love with your ex or maybe you hate them, either way you are trying to put things behind you and move on. Even though you may want to burn everything your kids may have certain attachments, and you yourself may regret trashing things later on in life. It is best to go through your different belongings and think if you would want to have those memories twenty years from now and be able to look back at the part of your life.

What To Do With Wedding Items After A Divorce


The first and most noticeable items are photos. These, you should take great care in deciding what to do with them. They can be easily tucked away and stored without taking up too much space.  You may want to look back one day and remember the good times you had.  In the moment most people would probably want to rip them up or burn them, but one day you will regret it once the emotions have passed. Keep them around in a box somewhere; you don’t have to advertise them.

Wedding Rings

One interesting piece I read was someone that made wedding ring coffins for marriages that have ended. A little symbolism can go a long way in expressing that a part of your life is over and you are ready to move on. Others keep them as keep sakes; some will sell them for their value. Wedding bands bring up a lot of emotion and feeling about the partnership, if you still want to feel the love for your ex then keep it for the memories. If you need some money and have no connection or desire to hold on then sell it for the best price possible and use the money to help for the divorce lawyer. Depending on the prenuptial agreement you may need the extra money for your ex or for child support!


Many people will redecorate, and make changes to their home after a divorce. How and when you decide to box or trash your keepsakes will come differently depending on the break up. Will these items have any meaning to you or your family in the future is what you want to ask yourself. Items from your wedding may be more important to keep than a Valentine’s Day card. Each person and relationship will have unique meanings and value in different items. It will be up to you to decide what is important and what can go.

At least attempt to box or pack things away for the moment in order to give yourself time to heal and not get rid of something you will regret. Maybe even give them to a family member to hold for a while so that they aren’t at arms-length. Then you can revisit going through them when you are more comfortable with the divorce and your past feelings about things.

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