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What’s New in Chrome 33

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Google Chrome users and developers who want to know what’s new in Chrome 33 will surely be happy about the fixing of 28 vulnerabilities, but some people may not be pleased about changes like the removal of the New Tab page and restriction of extensions to the Chrome Web Store. In the previous versions, the graphical modifications caused different issues for users. People who use Chrome got some awesome developer tools and some interface updates, but the engine was not changed at all. In version 33, new HTML 5 toys for developers were implemented.

What's New in Chrome 33Cons: Changes that Users May Not Like

The problem with the new extension restrictions are that extensions are automatically disabled if they are not hosted on the Chrome Web Store, without the possibility to re-enable them. There is a solution for this: using Canary or Dev channels. However, using these channels could lead to the occurrence of various bugs and stability issues. Another problem is the redesign of the New Tab pages, which is not shown anymore. The only way to use it could be adding an extension that could restore the New Tab. In essence, these are the major drawbacks:

  • automatic deactivation of extensions that are not hosted on the store
  • elimination of New Tab

Pros: The Bright Side of the Update

On the bright side, even the controversial implementations such as the ones that discourage plugin development may be for a good purpose: improved stability. Google Now notifications on the Desktop have been activated. This will surely please Android users, which will benefit the most from the change. Google Now is part of the search function on Apple platforms, but this is not a major improvement. Creating your own HTML tags is now possible and you can benefit from most from the features offered by Web Speech API. For security reasons, the PDF files will now open automatically in the viewer. But this is just the default setting, so it can be changed.

If you search for bookmarks, now you have the possibility to also look for folders. Security has been improved by using a way to keep track and audit SSL certificates in real time. Another one of the new additions is support for custom elements, which allows you to make HTML tags in real time. Any name can be used for these elements and you can add custom functionality in one tag. There are other improvements as well, but they are less important. In essence, these are the major pros:

  • bugs and performance issues fixed
  • better stability
  • support for Custom Elements and Web Speech API
  • desktop Google Now notifications
  • improved security for PDF and other functions (28 vulnerabilities fixed)
  • allows you to create real time HTML tags
  • other smaller improvements

What’s new in Chrome 33? It is obvious that are more beneficial implementations than there are disadvantages. It seems that Google tends to sacrifice functionality that would improve the work with the browser for implementations that could eventually be in Google’s benefit and leading people to the Chrome Web store to buy things. Chrome 33 seems to be more complex in comparison to older versions and the browser is now the choice for almost half of Internet users.

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