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10 Points to Keep in Mind while Choosing a Web Host Provider

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Are you about to launch a new website? Do you want to make your blog more accessible in the net? Then you would definitely be on the lookout for a reliable web host for your site.

10 Points to Keep in Mind while Choosing a Web Host Provider

Check out these ten points to help you choose the right web host that caters to your needs.

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Read as many Reviews as Possible

Every user has his own list of issues with the host provider. Each one’s experience with a particular web host can be different. No web hosting company can be considered 100% reliable and perfect. So the best way to get a clear perspective of the pros and cons of each company is by reading a large number of customer reviews and rankings before zeroing on one.   

Research Well and Open a Pandora’s Box of Exciting Offers

Research is the key to a Pandora’s treasure chest. There are some companies that provide many exciting new features and services which are completely absent in majority of the web host providers. If you research well in the net by going through different sites and consulting a number of people who have been web host users, you can land up with a web host that absolutely meets your needs.

Always Go for a Trial Version and then Upgrade

It is always wise to go for a web hosting company that allows using a trial version either free or with minimal charges before upgrading your account. The experience of using a trial version can give you sufficient idea as to what to expect from that company. If you are unhappy with the trial version, you can then simply cancel your account and search for some other web hosting company. Those companies which do not have an upgrade path should get an absolute no- no from your side!!

Burst the Myths

The internet is flooded with advertisements by web host companies promising unlimited Disk Storage, free domain names, free web hosting, and the likes. But how much reality lies in such tall promises? – You can know only when you try. This is where they entrap customers by luring them with such advertisements without letting them a way out. After registration with such dubious companies, the penalty for switching over to another could cost you a huge sum. And then you know – the offer wasn’t really free!!

User-friendly Options

Most users of web host companies are beginners and they want the launch and operation of their blogs or sites to go as smooth as possible. Complicated and elaborate procedures usually scare us off. Look out for sites that provide user-friendly interface and ensure easy and seamless operation.  

Security and Theft Protection

Under the looming shadow of hackers, malwares and botnets, company which provides a high level of security, malware protection, website monitoring, and trust services should be given priority. 

Money back Guarantee

Customers should be given the liberty to changeover to other company if they are not satisfied with the services of the present host provider. In doing this, the customer has the right to demand his money back. Money back guarantee is an essential criterion while searching for a web host. 

Location of Web Host

Location of the service provider should be taken into account while choosing a web host. The loading speed would be faster if the geographic location of the host is closer to the site visitors. If the strength of web connection of the host provider is powerful, then choosing an overseas company would not matter much. But if your website seeks to target local audience, then choosing a local host is indeed beneficial as the overall ranking of your website by the search engine would be better. 

Support in Regional Language

Availability of 24/7 customer care support should be given utmost importance while choosing a web hosting company. At the same time, if the host provider can provide technical support in regional languages apart from English, it can be very helpful to get your doubts cleared in one’s own mother tongue. This can create better understanding, easy approachability and avoid cultural and language barriers in the process of problem solving. 

Go for Greener Choices

There are some web host providers that can become the first choice of environmentalists or environmentally conscious customers for their blogs, websites, ecommerce, etc. Some companies like ipage, HostPapa use 100% of green renewable energy. They are powered by 100% wind energy and solar energy, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

These above points should be borne in mind when you embark on the arduous journey of selecting the right web host for your web site or blog. But it should be made clear that it is only an individual’s patient research and vigorous consultation that can yield best results in the long run. In addition to checking the review of mediatemple, you can also check providers like, bluehost etc which offer website security but it is always advisable to consult someone who has used the host provider’s services.

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