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3 Great Technologies To Attract More Online Business

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Introduced online shopping to your business but find it’s not bringing the results you want? Here we have three great tips to help you attract more online business and ensure you achieve the success you deserve.

3 Great Technologies To Attract More Online Business

1. Make your website accessible

You will never keep potential clients on your website if they feel it is difficult to navigate or to find what they need. Having your website well designed and logically arranged can mean customers spend more time on your site, and that is what you want. 

Industry data says the average time spent browsing a website when shopping is falling but the amount of money being spent is increasing. Making sure that your customers are not scared away before they buy is therefore vital.

2. Free delivery

One of the major complaints of online shoppers is feeling that they have to pay for the convenience of shopping online. Many potential customers will simply move to the next site if they see a delivery charge on yours, and you need to avoid this. 

If customers are not forced to pay for delivery but the price of the article is slightly higher, they are much more likely to buy it. What you are doing is simply shifting the cost and this is a smart way to get your customers on board.

Another good idea is to offer varied options on how they can receive the goods they buy online. As well as a direct delivery service, you may want to think of offering a ‘click and collect’ service. This delivers items people have purchased to a local store of their choosing and allows them to pick it up within a set timeframe. The process can take slightly longer but many customers will be willing to wait if it means no delivery charges. It also gets them inside your store – potentially boosting street sales.

3. Make customers feel secure

Many online shoppers are savvy about internet security and if they do not see an SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network) certificate for your site they may simply go elsewhere. They may not know what SSL VPN stands for, but they understand that it is a security measure that will stop their details (and thus their money) from being stolen. 

Getting your website set up securely will not only give your customers peace of mind but it will allow you to feel happier about the service you offer and help to build a positive reputation as a secure website that trades online.

Ultimately, online shopping is a great way to increase revenue; make sure it is not passing you by!


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