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3 Reasons Why Responsive Designs Are Important?

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People are becoming really fond of mobile devices these days. The use of desktops is limited to office use only and mostly employees use laptops for their work. Laptops are also limited to offices and their work only. With this it has been proved that mobile devices have taken over desktops, laptops and all other devices. It is obvious that when you can browse internet within one second then why to wait so long for desktop to open up or your laptop to open. Not only internet surfing, today smart phones provide you almost everything from browsing social media websites, checking emails and making purchases online.

3 Reasons Why Responsive Designs Are Important?

Because the use of mobile phone is increasing rapidly so it is very important for your websites to be responsive i.e. your websites have to b easily accessible on smart phones. You do not have to design two separate websites; one for desktop and one for mobile device. In this technological era nothing is impossible. It is possible to make your single website compatible for both mobile as well as for desktop.

There are some very important reasons why you need to have a responsive website design. Here we have discussed the major three reasons. Please have a look:

1. Increased Usage of Mobile Devices

If you have noticed the change in the way people live today then you must have noticed that there is an increase use of mobile devices these days. In fact if you check then everybody is attached with their phones. When everybody has all the facilities available on their mobile phones then why will one open their desktops or laptops for browsing any website? However, some companies are still not using this facility; don’t know the reason behind it but this is actually very crucial for your business to have a website that is accessible on mobile device as well. Have a look at some facts and figures:

  • More than 20% of the Google searches are done through mobile phones now.
  • The analysis says that in 2012, half of the local searches were done via mobile devices.
  • People with mobile device access internet through their mobile devices only.

2. Google also recommends to have a responsive websites

We all know the role of Google in every business. You will be surprised to know that Google claim 67% search market in 2013 by making it the most popular search engine in the world. So when Google is saying that it prefers responsive web designs then web site holders should understand that Google is asking you to design a mobile friendly websites.

But the thing that one has to consider is why Google prefer responsive design? For the beginners, it is more efficient for Google to crawl the website and then index it and organize all the content that is available online. The major reason for this would be that with responsive designs all the sites will have just one URL with the same HTML coding across all the devices.

When you are having both mobile website and the desktop website there will be a different URL with different HTML for each. This will make Google to crawl and index the multiple versions of the same site.

3. Will Increase your Conversion Rates

Leaving all other benefits, the development of responsive websites will make your users happy and more active to visit your website again and again. With the increase in the number of people using mobile devices for their internet browsing there will be more visits to your website in return increasing your conversion rates. There has been a research done on this topic and according to the results it found that 69% of tablet users, smart phone users shopped online with their smart phones.

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Kristy Bernales is a senior web designer at Web design Xperts in Melbourne. She loves to design innovative designs and has a great passion for writing as well. She has been a great resource for the company from the past few months. You can catch her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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