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The 5 Benefits of Using E-Hookah Pens

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The newest craze on the market for smokers is the electronic pen, something which allows you to bypass the harmful effects often tied to things such as hookah as well as cigarettes. The electronic hookah, or e-hookah for short, offers the enjoyment of hookah without the smoke or the machine which you smoke it with.

The 5 Benefits of Using E-Hookah Pens1. Chemical Free. E-Hookah pens in particular have the benefit of being tar, tobacco, and nicotine free depending upon the brand as well as much quicker to use than the traditional form of Hookah. 

2. Cost efficient and disposable. Electronic pens work by using a battery operated atomizer to heat up the liquid inside upon inhalation, which then turns into a vapor. Once it has become a vapor, the user can then inhale it. The liquid contained inside comes in various flavors depending upon the brand (Orange Pineapple, Grape, Strawberry Banana, Sour Apple, Raspberry Vanilla, Orange Vanilla, Vanilla and Chocolate Mint to be specific). The much simpler form of a once fairly difficult and time consuming pleasure is now available in several chains of convenience stores across the country. They come in both disposable and a cost efficient reusable form to be used on the go. 

3. Smokeless. One of the main draws of e-hookah is the fact that they are smokeless. This means that many of the common carcinogens found in hookah smoke are not present. However, as a fairly new product on the market, it is not necessarily tested to the point where one could say the mixture within the e-hookah pen is completely harmless and safe for inhalation. The liquid inside generally consists of water, fruit flavoring, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin is generally used as a sweetener and can be bought at most grocery stores, but it is unknown how these chemicals can react together. But to reiterate, the problems commonly found in smoking shisha, whose smoke compounds are found to be much more harmful than that of a cigarette’s smoke compounds, are absent in the smokeless e-hookah. 

4. Non-addictive. As mentioned earlier e-hookah has the option of being nicotine free or containing varying amounts of nicotine. The addictive nature of the e-hookah depends on the amount of nicotine present in many cases, which means on that contains little to none can be used as more of a recreational item. This is what makes e-Hookah pens helpful in aiding some in weaning themselves off of it for good should that be a route that you seek. The varying levels can be helpful in gradually coming off of shisha, as quitting cold turkey often provokes relapses in habitual users. 

5. Portable. E-hookah also comes in a relatively small and easily portable container as well as being a colorful version of the commonly seen e-cigarette containers. This is very different from traditional hookah, which generally must remain stationary. This means that the e-hookah is there for your enjoyment when you desire it, rather than when you can make it down to a hookah bar or any other station of the like. It also means that the dangers of cigarettes and hookah around non-smokers are no longer present. The e-pen takes out the risks of secondhand smoke for children and animals in the home as well as eliminating that distinctive smoke smell that users of traditional hookah tend to carry. It keeps what you do in the privacy of your own home private with features such as these. 

All in all, e-hookah has many benefits when compared to traditional shisha smoking. The most notable are its lightweight portability, the fact that it’s smokeless, and the cost effectiveness of having a reusable e-hookah pen with exchangeable cartridges or disposable pens. So when considering your options in hookah, definitely give these pens a once over as it may be a perfect fit for your distinct lifestyle.

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