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5 best iOS gaming apps released over the past month

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The month of April was packed with great apps and games for iPads and iPhones. Some users described the past 30 days as WOW! Some of the games reviewed were filled with great action, memorable character-players, and loads of fun. How much do you love iOS video gaming? Let’s have a closer look at 5 iPhone/iPad games that really managed to exceed our expectations.

5 best iOS gaming apps released over the past month

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

It was released for free by Blizzard, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft follows the tradition and pattern Blizzard has been working on for decades. Unfortunately, the memorable collectible card game is available only for iPad. The iPhone version will be released later this 2014. You may already know what the game is all about from the PC/Mac versions released a few weeks ago. Some call it “deceptively funny and insanely fun”. 

Hearthstone revolves around 1 vs. 1 turn-based online match between 2 opponents. As a player, you get to select from various gaming modes, and then the game begins with a substantial mix of “basic” cards. Advancing in the game with give you more rewards, or you can choose to spend real money to purchase extra packs of cards. Set within the alluring universe of Warcraft, Hearthstone will remind you of the acclaimed War of Warcraft for sure. Get the game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Hitman GO 

For $4, 99, Hitman is a Square Enix turn-based puzzler that takes place in the Hitman setting. While some players were worried the Hitman game for iOS will not carry the traditional game fingerprint, people who tried GO fell in love with this version of the game. Avoid fierce enemies by strategically navigating through the fixed spaces, and experience some memorable in-game features such as: challenging puzzles meant to put your killing skills to the ultimate test, various types of enemies and plenty of Agent 47 tools like sniper rifles, hiding spots, and disguises. Get the game Hitman GO.

Leo’s Fortune

The team behind Devil’s Attorney and Dark Nebula managed to turn Leo’s Fortune into something equally awesome. The game has the greatest graphics existent on a platform for iPads and iPhones. The story goes like this: Leo gives you a furry green blob of which you are responsible the entire game. You will need to hunt for his fortune and resolve all kind of puzzles along the way. The puzzles are inspired from Physics, but it’s nothing an average gamer can’t handle. Get the game Leo’s Fortune.

Wind-up Knight 2

Its available for free, this sequel follows the original Wind-up Knight released in 2013. Set in a stunning 3D world, Wind-up Knight 2 is a high-end platformer that you’ll absolutely adore playing on your iPhone. The gameplay is just unbeatable, and throughout the game you’ll stumble upon ice blocks, bouncy pads, rolling boulders, checkpoints, and warps. Are you ready to be dazzled? Customize your knight and use all the power-ups to play your way. Get the game Wind-up Knight 2.

Sometimes You Die

Sometimes You Die is an intelligent game in which the player uses his/her blocky corpse to resolve puzzles. Some reviewers called it “borderline brilliant”, and although it may look old-school, it’s incredibly unique. Are you ready to solve malicious, disturbing, and surprising puzzles? Watch the 38 second trailer and you won’t get a thing. And yet, that’s exactly what makes Sometimes You Die so interesting. 

Are you ready for some great iOS gaming? Which of the 5 mentioned above intrigues you most? Whether you’re choosing Hearthstone because you’re a War of Warcraft fan or you’d like to test the unusual Sometimes You Die, don’t forget that it’s all about having fun. Don’t forget to charge your iPhone because you’re about to be hypnotized! Get the game Sometimes You Die.

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