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5 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips For 2014 And Beyond

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SEO is very important for the success of your business online. Different people are having different strategies but Google is having another strategy planned. You might have observed that the SEO is becoming more competitive and is also getting confusing. Here are few strategies explained which will help you in adapting according to the changing algorithms of Google. From web design Fort Lauderdale,  you can get professional assistance. 


5 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips For 2014 And BeyondThe recent hummingbird update was not just a mere update but also a complete search algorithm change.  Although these days there are a complete focus on the keywords in title, keywords in Meta tags, URLs etc. All this is still compulsory but it is more about the topic of the content. Your article should be relevant to the keywords you added ion the article. This will provide the readers with impression that article are highly related to the main keywords.

Article quality 

Earlier 250 words articles were more than enough. However, after Panda update, short articles have past the age. Many websites have suffered the low rankings because of small articles and especially the impact can be seen on the corporate websites. Adding few pages with small articles is going to do favor the small websites but not the bulk pages. If you are ignoring this then your website can easily become bait of panda. There is website, which has seen huge success with 1500 words articles. Make sure that the content is well written and there should be no grammatical errors.

Fresh content

Fresh content is the one best strategy that can increase the audience on your website. Write on new topics that others have not touched.  So many readers are desperate to read something exciting and new. This is surely going to help you in creating your database of customers. This is also going to influence your circle on Facebook, Google + and other social networks. Keep a mindset that your major aim is to provide your readers with something new all the time and with fresh content. People will come running towards your side once they get habitual of your fresh content. Recommended reading: SEO Strategy For 2014.


If you are having too many ads on your website, this can lead to a serious problem. Google algorithms are going too penalized for that. There is no problem in having a few added on your websites but too many ads are not going to do well. You have to be cautious about the text link ads and they should also match the content. If you have ads such as interstitial ads and pop-ups, you should know that they can interfere with the ability of the search engines to crawl on the websites.


Add enticing description to your articles and it should be about 150 words.  Make sure that the actual message is presented with your descriptions. This is highly going to increase the value of your website.

These are the few tips that are going to help your website in adapting with the change according to the Google algorithms. Make sure you focus on them to get best rankings on Google.

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