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7 Reasons to Choose Vimeo Over YouTube

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The practicality of YouTube in the present digital age is surely indispensable. But, does it provide precise, exact and valuable contents that the users really want? The answer is not for all the time. With more than 800 million visitors YouTube is somewhere lacking behind in recognizing “the essence of video uploading”. At this point Vimeo takes over the debate. For the users who are searching for smaller yet powerful video sharing media platforms, Vimeo works in better way. The advantages of Vimeo over YouTube clearly depict the difference in audience, quality of videos contents, functions of platforms, etc. Check for the reasons that why to choose Vimeo over YouTube:

7 Reasons to Choose Vimeo Over YouTube

1. More Specific and Precise Video Contents

As compared to other online sharing platforms, Vimeo concentrates on building small but relevant communities. One can create and share countless creative works to targeted audience within a click. This video sharing platform does not allow a casual comment but renders a more professional outlook 24×7. Moreover, with more than 20 million filmmakers, musicians and artists, Vimeo is more specific which results in better video contents.

2. No More Extra Stuff!

No doubt that YouTube is a giant when it comes to video sharing site. But, there’re also many duplicate contents or those you don’t want to view. Video somehow has better filter system for the contents and could save your time on eliminating unwanted clips. For instance, you will not see a man dancing in the costume of penguin when streaming on Vimeo, but that’s supposed to be quite common on YouTube. So people who hate that kind of things really don’t want to see them anymore.

3. Perfect & Clean Layout 

imeo will also put on a theme with specified video contents in a period

By just entering Vimeo, one can quickly control over the options and do exactly what they need. The interface is intuitive enough for you to upload videos online, visit your friend’s page, watch lately shared videos, etc. Vimeo will also put on a theme with specified video contents in a period, thus people who have interest in it could have an eye feast without interruptions.

4. Free Of Unwanted Ads!

Due to the difference in policy and purposes, when streaming clips on Vimeo, there is no need to watch the 30 second commercial adverts before the true video. Also, there’s no pop-ups appear at the bottom of playback window. Any free users can simply ignore the ads – there’re no so many video sites offer the same benefits.

5. Add -In Effects To Enhance The Video

YouTube has limits on enriching the video clips when uploading them. Therefore, users may have to prepare the materials on their own when creating a video. There’re surely many gorgeous videos on YouTube, but those created by common users may seem to be simple and straight. On the country, Vimeo allows users to add a number of effects as well as music to touch up their videos! This feature does not only result in better quality but also more interactions from other viewers.

6. Large Volume of HD Videos

Vimeo holds much less number of videos as compared with Dailymotion, YouTube, etc, but it does have the largest percentage of HD videos. If you’re sensitive to the resolution of videos and have satisfied internet connection, then Vimeo is exactly the right place. With requirements that even force users to upload clips in HD, Vimeo has a guarantee of crisp videos for viewers all the way. Though there’re fewer selections of videos, you can stream clips in high quality.

7. Possibility to Download Videos

It’s true that Vimeo does allow people to download some of their clips with authorization from the video makers. This is really beneficial for enriching your video collection at no risk. It’s also quite helpful for those with poor internet bandwidth and have to wait for the buffers. Still, some of the video clips cannot be downloaded, but you can find feasible solutions at here in case you have the needs.

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