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Android Giveaway Game: Sumaru

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Sumaru is an exciting new puzzle game that will challenge you again and again, and today you can get this game for FREE (Worth $1.99)!

With Sumaru you have three discs of 8 balls and an empty space in the middle. You must move the balls so that each of the 8 columns of balls (outer disc to inner disc) adds up to the number in the upper right. The inner two discs are rotatable. The blue disc rotates anticlockwise and the green disc rotates clockwise. Touch the disc where there is no ball to rotate it. You can change the place of the ball by clicking the ball. It will move only if an adjacent place within the column or inner circle is empty. Each move of a ball takes a turn. You can continue to play even if you have no more turns. The number of turns is the smaller number shown below the winning number in the upper right. You win the game when no ball is in the center and all columns add up to the winning number. More stars are rewarded for finishing using less turns and no stars are rewarded if you run out of turns.

Android Giveaway Game: Sumaru 1

Sumaru features:

  • Randomized puzzles that will challenge you again and again.
  • Relaxing music.
  • Great 3D visuals.

Download FREE game: Sumaru

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