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AppLock can Lock and Protect your Android Apps

Posted In Android, Mobile - By Raja Kumar on Friday, May 9th, 2014 With No Comments »

One of the major issue of smartphones is lack of privacy security for apps. If your phone is lost than all your private info can be accessed by anyone like Emails, SMS, passwords and credit card info. If you have configured account like Facebook and Google than all your data can be accessed easily via apps like Facebook and Gmail.

You can now lock all your apps using a free app called AppLock.

AppLock can Lock screenshot of Android Apps

AppLock can lock down applications like SMS, Gmail, Contacts, Gallery, Facebook, Play Store, Calls, settings and custom downloaded apps. Now no need to worry when your friend touches your phone without your permission because AppLock keeps your personal data protected.

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It can protect all the default apps available with android like contacts, messages, settings and any installed app from Play Store. It protects running of all these apps with a password.


  • Running of Apps can be prevented with Pin or Pattern.
  • Can automatically relock apps after the screen is off.
  • Different apps can be protected with different passwords.
  • Provides widget for quick lock and unlock.
  • Password protect apps from being uninstalled.
  • Password protected incoming and outgoing calls.
  • App lock is added to device admin list and can’t be uninstalled by others.
  • If it is killed by task killers, it restarts automatically and provides reliable security.
  • Some Premium features can be unlocked by buying the paid version.

Get the AppLock here.

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