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Boost your Revenue: Install VoIP

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Is there a way how businesses can increase their revenue without increasing the price of their products or services?

Well it can be done by acquiring new customers or by increasing the sales from the existing customer. The latest telecommunication technology can help you do both and it is the popular VoIP system. This new technology is helping businesses around the world to increase their revenue by making more and more calls at cheaper rates. The revenue of a company can be immensely boosted by the use of VoIP. Recommeded reading: How to choose the right VoIP provider for your call center.

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Expansion of the sales pipeline

VoIP can help you penetrate new market by providing low cost calls. You can make a call to almost any corner of the earth without having to spend a fortune. This is one solution that can help you to get new customers without investing a lot of money. If you are using a traditional telephone system then too many overseas calls can even eat away your company’s profits. On the other hand VoIP provides you with the perfect opportunity to get into new markets with minimum investments. 


Up-selling has always been considered to be a wise way of increasing the revenue and the latest VoIP solutions can really help you up-sell. The latest VoIP systems can provide your agents with the complete customer details the moment they receive a call. Thus, they will be able to easily convince the customers about a particular product or service and complete a sale. 


Cross-sell is facilitated by all the latest VoIP systems as the promotion of alternative products and services becomes really convenient. There are many companies that are successfully using their VoIP systems to cross-sell and increase the revenue earnings.

Increase sales calls

Equipped with the latest VoIP system, many companies have successfully increased their outbound sales calls. The higher the number of sales calls, the better is the prospects of closing a sale. Yplooo can use this ploy to increase the revenue of your company and that too by keeping things within the budget.

Enhance the quality of sales calls

Since the call costs on a VoIP system are cheaper than any other telephony system, so you will be able to save a lot of money on the calls. This can be spent on hiring better performing telecallers who can even work from their homes. Thus, you will have the luxury of investing on the improvement of quality of sales calls. There is a call recording application, which can give you an opportunity to monitor the calls being made from your office. You can analyze every call and provide a feedback to the telecallers, so that they can improve on their future calls.

Presence needed to close the sale

It is very important that you are able to attend to all the calls that come to your office. Even your calling agents need to take all the calls and not miss out on any – every call is important. VoIP comes loaded with a lot of advanced telephony features and one such feature is the automated call attendant. This is an application that automatically answers the calls and even forwards the same to the desired person. Thus, there are no chances of missing out on any of the calls and also you will not be charged for this feature. 

You can use a single number for all your customer calls so that someone is always there to attend the calls. You can use the selective call forwarding feature to take the calls that are of higher priority. The VoIP has been specifically designed to cater to the growing communication needs of small as well as large business houses, so take advantage of all the advanced features to boost your revenue.

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