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Breakthrough workflow and task management software – Comindware tracker

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Comindware Tracker is a cloud based SaaS. It helps you in managing the business tasks like workflow automation, project management, human resource management, resource collaboration, issue tracking, office document management and communication management. It simplifies the task of office staff and integrates enjoyment in main business functionality. It’s highly customizable.

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Comindware Tracker is an Workflow automation software that features an GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Features and Benefits of workflow automation software – Comindware Tracker:

Tracking Issues:

Tracking Issue is an important part of any business. Comindware Tracker is packed with very advanced issue tracker that allows following the issues created by customers, vendors, etc until it is fully solved.

Workflow Process Automation and Management:

Comindware Tracker transforms creating and recreating workflows easy and instantaneous with easy drag and drop service. It is packed with many templates for creating workflows and they can be customized as per the users need.

Human Resources Management (HRM):

Comindware Tracker comes with an sophisticated UI (User Interface) but it’s very easy to use for management of diverse Human Resources. HRM Interface of the tracker is independent of location of Human Resources, It handles them centrally with speed, efficiency and manner which is effective. HRM Interface allows easy setting of schedule for hiring new staff, vacation leave, transfer of staff. Discipline violation can also be handled with services like warnings and terminations.

Management of Project:

Comindware Tracker can help manage projects in a scalable manner. Projects can be broken down into unlimited number of tasks and subtasks in relative hierarchy. It can group similar tasks together from different projects. Additionally, It provides you with real-time reports and stats on various ongoing projects as per the tasks allocated. The reports includes data like current task, upcoming task, overdue task, completed task, etc.

Management of Office Documents:

Comindware Tracker has integrated office document engine support. Its UI (User Interface) is friendly enough for office document management. You can easily create , edit, store documents securely, and they can be accessed easily. And then these files can be attached to different or particular tasks. Older version of files can be archived and stored with Comindware Tracker’s integrated file versioning mechanism and on the off chance if files  are edited, You will get instant email notification.

Highly Integrated Business and Team Collaboration Management:

Comindware Tracker’s UI is very advanced but user friendly. It’s services like issue tracking, task management, office document management, workflow process automation, email integration, customization of workspace, reports, etc are designed to ensure that core functionality of business gets integrated in it seamlessly. The collaboration of team is made possibly entertaining and lively. It can be used to easily assign tasks to many teams at one time and reassigned if any urgent or performance problem occurs. You can change structure of teams for best efficiency and then reassign tasks for full optimization.

Software Development support:

Developing software is one of the most complicated tasks. There are many methodologies available to help support this task like Agile, Scrum Rud, Waterfall, etc and they can make development process fast, simple and optimized. Comindware Tracker has 100% support for these methodologies and it raises a step forward in testing, bug tracking, reporting and deployment of apps.

Management of Communication:

Comindware Tracker provides you a dashboard where you can easily navigate and manage facilities of communication like forum boards, message boards, contact points and emails. It has easy and advanced report service which communicates all the tasks to respective groups in real time and hence it reduces the hassle of manually performing the communication task. Comindware Tracker has support for integration with Microsoft Outlook thus you don’t even need to open anything or go anywhere for getting mails from this system.

Lots of Support Tools:

Comindware Tracker is made to satisfy its users. It supports many tools and third party extensions for enhanced user experience.


Comindware Tracker is engineered with perfection. No cons detected so far.

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