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Why Your Business Needs Cloud Encryption

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If you’re using the cloud, you need to make sure it’s secure. Cloud computing networks like DropBox offer countless benefits for many businesses. Cloud computing takes collaborative projects to the next level by improving efficiency and making it easy to share files. However, you need to make sure your cloud is secure.

With DropBox encryption, you can make sure all your files are protected, all the time. DropBox security systems like Sookasa take your cloud storage capabilities to the next level, making sure the right files are protected and safe. We’re going to look at some security issues related to cloud storage, and how you can protect against them with the right encryption. Read more: How to protect files stored in Dropbox on your Android device.

Revoke access to important files

Why Your Business Needs Cloud EncryptionThe great thing about DropBox encryption is it allows you to revoke access to important files remotely, whenever you need to. That means you can “switch off” access from certain computers, stop certain employees, or restrict log-ins at certain times. This might seem simple – but it’s hugely important for your business.

Allowing employees to work from home is generally a good thing. It frees up office resources and lowers overheads. It’s also a great motivator, too – employees appreciate being allowed to get out of the office. However, it presents a number of security risks. Thankfully, these risks can be protected against with DropBox encryption.

If your employee loses their DropBox enabled smart-phone or has their laptop stolen, you can make sure important files and folders don’t go with them by revoking access remotely. If you fire someone and they leave with a laptop full of important data, access to such data can be removed by revoking their ability to log-in to the cloud (or blocking certain files on it). This means you can take your document protection to the next level. You don’t need to worry about keeping access to certain computers so secure, because you can remove access to important files if you need to (or block access at certain times).

This actually makes storing things on the cloud MORE secure than keeping files on stand-alone computers. If you lose a laptop like that, the files go with it. Not with cloud encryption – now you can make sure access is restricted only to those who need it, and only when they need it.

Get the latest security updates with ease

Looking after the security of your own network can be expensive and time consuming. Making sure your systems are compliant with the latest security updates is crucial. With the cloud, your service provider takes care of that for you – making sure all updated are applied remotely and as soon as you need them.

The cloud offers tons of benefits for your business. It’s productive and it’s efficient. However, it’s also important that you use is effectively and make sure your files are encrypted for an extra level of security. Recommended reading: Tips to secure your Dropbox.

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