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Can You Avoid Online Viruses Better Than a Pro?

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To be a pro at anything, you need to not only have some natural ability, but also need to know your craft inside and out. Knowing everything about going online can seem a bit daunting, but there are a few things you should know and do to not only protect yourself, but also your family from online threats.

Setup your computer

To ensure that your computer is protected; you should do a few things. Firstly ensure that your computer has its firewall enabled. This will help in ensuring your computer is protected from any threats whilst you are online. Also ensure you run a free virus scan so if you do pick up something, you can remove it. Prevention is the key here, so knowing your computer has fail safes in place, will mean if something does go wrong you have the best chance to bounce back from it. 

Can You Avoid Online Viruses Better Than a Pro?Also ensure that your operating system is always up to date, as new security updates are always made available. Outdated software may lead to newly created threats finding their way onto your computer.

Anti-spyware software is also good, so install that along with your virus program to ensure you are as safe as possible from online malware.

Stick to the sites you know

Getting viruses online is a fairly easy affair, often as simple as clicking on a wrong link, and going to websites you usually would not visit can open up doors to online threats. Stick to well-known sites and if you do have to go to unfamiliar territory on the Internet, keep an eye out for any unwanted downloads that may occur.

Even if you are familiar with a site, may not mean there are no viruses on it. Hackers often target main stream sites with major traffic, so if you see any odd ads or popups, do not be tempted to click on anything. If anything looks suspicious, rather stay away than letting your inquisitiveness get the better of you, as even the most popular sites can get hacked.

Keep an eye out on popular tech sites like Wired to ensure what is happening in the world of viruses, as they can spread across the world in a matter of hours and effect just about anyone.

Be wary of your email

If you are receiving email from unknown sources and they have attachments, never open them as they may be viruses. Always delete emails from sources you are unsure of, and also be wary of phishing attempts. Many people will copy branding from companies you may know and link off to copied websites, so also ensure that the URLs you are clicking on are actually legit. Article should read: How to check phishing email?

Clean surfing

If you spend much time surfing online, ensure that you always clear your cache along with keeping your browser up to date. This will stop any strange files that are stored locally from being accessed, as some virus’s work this way, clearing your cache will give you some peace of mind. Also ensure you clean out your temporary internet files ever so often, better safe than sorry.

These are just a few of the tips that online pros use, but the best tip would be to not click on everything you come into contact with. Any pro will also tell you that common sense prevails, just like you would not leave your front door open for strangers to come in, you should not be clicking on anything from an untrusted source.

So before you think you have won that holiday of a lifetime and just need to install a simple application to claim your prize, just think if it is too good to be true, because chances are it is.

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