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Clear Cache for all Apps in Android with App Cache Cleaner

Posted In Android, Mobile, Utilities - By Raja Kumar on Friday, May 9th, 2014 With No Comments »

Caching of apps is done by Android OS to make the apps execute faster on next run. But as time goes on, these caches  gets enormous in size and android system is not good at managing the cache size. These caches occupies memory of your phone’s internal storage and hence decreases space on already limited storage.

Sometimes, apps suffers in terms of performance due to its own cache and it is needed to be cleared. Android OS provides a way to clear caches, go to settings, apps, select the app and click on clear cache button but this manual clearing is time consuming and lengthy if done for more and more apps. But a free app is available for saving time. App Cache Cleaner can clear cache of all the installed apps at once. When this app is executed, it will scan for all the installed apps and total space occupied by all the caches.

Clear Cache for all Apps in Android with App Cache Cleaner 1

The apps are listed in three different colors. Apps using more than 500 Kb of cache is listed in red, 50-500 Kb in yellow color, less than 50 Kb in green color. As soon as clear all button is clicked, all the caches are cleared instantly. Auto clear feature is also available, just set the time interval and it will clear caches automatically like every day or every two days.

Clear Cache for all Apps in Android with App Cache Cleaner 2

App Cache Cleaner will free up a lot of MB on the phone’s internal memory. It is useful for the people whose phone is getting tight on storage space. Once you download this app, it will add an widget to clean the cache in one click. Get the App Cache Cleaner.

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