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Controlling everything

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In the age of development of information technology, people that are associated with the Internet and cybernetics became target of intensified invigilation and control. The problem of controlling people is not new, but especially now, after the Edward Snowden’s leakage, people realized that governments are able to control every sphere of social activity of the citizens. Not only the ruling class is interested in this kind of activity. Controlling issue is also desired by the CEO’s of private companies, parents and supervisors of public institutions. Bunch of methods were introduced to the society in order to strengthen the power of control. ID cards given to employees, parental controls for internet or camera surveillance can successfully maintain very high level of control.

parental control-Controlling everything

Where is the barrier?

Is total control over the society or employees a good approach? From the point of view of the government, surely the 100 % of control can bring a lot of benefits like limitation of black market, better control over the wanted criminals and quicker reaction on any unexpected and dangerous events. On the other hand, people that are so much invigilated by the government can totally lost trust to the representatives. The same situation takes place concerning processes of controlling the employees. Very often we can hear that bosses decide to put wiretaps in worker’s phones or install special software that is scanning every activity on their computers. Specialists are very skeptical about those methods of control, because it can bring opposite effects. Subordinates may become less motivated and what’s connected with that, less efficient. Another thing is the right to privacy. Everyone, even at work should have at least some small space of privacy.

When we should control?

Of course there are some situations that  require control because of the safety problem. Such an issue can be for instance parental control over the kids internet activity. Parents should keep their hand over the kids ways of entertaining online. The net became a specific environment where people can find plenty of useful information and in the same time are exposed on many threats. Specially kids, because their lack of experience and naivety can be easily used. Content like pornography and violence is so common in the web that young citizens can get those things without any problems. The bad content is not the only dimension as far as threats in the Internet are concerned. We have to mention that the net also gives a lot of opportunities for pedophiles. Social media became very reliable source of personal information like addresses or telephone numbers. Controlling the kids’ activity in the internet is also very important in terms of bullying. Nowadays, hundreds of videos showing bullying are uploaded every day. The efficient controlling can give parents an answer on questions if your kid is a victim of bullying or he or she is a bully?

Good or bad?

To sum up, there are no doubts that processes of controlling are needed in the society at least for the security purposes.  The main problem is how to set up such a control that will not create a privacy and invigilation problem. In our world there are some spheres where controlling process is necessary in order to provide safe childhood for the future generation.

If you want to gain some extend knowledge about the parental control and methods that parents can use in order to secure their kids, feel welcome to visit Blocking websites PCWebControl is easy to work with software that allows parents to set up a control over the computer traffic and user’s activity. It propose set of features that are able for instance to block undesired content websites and filter the email box.

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