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A Definitive Guide on General Web Hosting Concepts

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In general terms, web hosting replicates putting your web site content live on a web server. For this one need to buy a server space or renting the complete server space from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Till now these two are only much preferable and most widely used options for the web hosting purpose.

Here we have presented a definitive guide based on general web hosting concepts especially for the e-commerce websites which are nowadays greatly prevailing in the internet world. So, below here are presented those general web hosting concepts which one must need to know before hosting their e-commerce website:

  • Choosing appropriate web hosting platform:
    • Windows hosting server:

If one is a windows lover then one may come across many of the hosting servers running with the different variants of Windows while buying the space from these servers. The normal windows hosting server could be more expansive as lots of software exasperate costing are involved within these servers.

A Definitive Guide on General Web Hosting Concepts

  • Linux hosting server:

If one wants to go with Linux hosting servers then one may come across unlimited opportunities as they have to pay less as compared to the windows hosting servers. Also there is many of the ISP who would provide different hosting servers with different flavors of the Linux.

  • Choosing appropriate web hosting type:

There are many of the options available for web hosting. Let us have a look on different types of web hosting services:

  • Free hosting:

There are many of the ISP’s who provide the free space on their web server with a clause of allowing them to run their advertisement on their web pages. So if one is ready to do so, they could get the facility of enjoying the free web space without being paying anything.

  • Shared hosting:

Along with the shared hosting, one would get a chance to host the web site on a powerful web server along with other web sites. On the shared host one would be having their own user ID as well as password to login into the shared host and thus one would be allowed to work in the specific work area allotted to them. One would not get to know how many sites are being hosted from the same shared host and at the same time one would not be able to touch any file or directory that belongs to their host partner. Being cost effective, the shared hosting service is good for small website where the space and speed is not very important.

  • Dedicated hosting:

In dedicated hosting, the complete machine would be allotted to you. Being more expansive, the virtual dedicated hosting is being considered when one has to compete with very high traffic requirement.

  • Virtual dedicated hosting:

This type of hosting is better for the medium sized business. With the virtual dedicated hosting, one would have dedicated bandwidth as well as dedicated RAM for a particular site. One would be provided with virtual dedicated server and would be able to install or uninstall any of the software.

  • Collocated hosting:

Collocation hosting allows one to put the machine in the service provider’s premises just to avail all the accessible facilities. For a very high traffic requirement this web hosting service should be opted for much better output.

Thus, these were the basic concepts that one should keep in mind before hiring web hosting service. Along with the above things one also need to consider the disc space, monthly traffic, processing speed, connection speed, email accounts and its support, latest technologies to be implemented, databases, server uptime, backup & FTP, control panel as well as better customer support. As, these factors contribute greatly with the performance of web hosting server, one need to consider the above mentioned attributes. You can find out some more in here.

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Ryan is working with a leading Website Design Company since last few years. In the above post he is sharing the general web hosting concepts necessary to consider before buying one.

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