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E-Cigarette Side-Effects – Are there really any?

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The possible e-cigarette side-effects and their safety concerns continue to be debated by those who are for and against these electronic devices. While one camp says that there’s a need for more research before e-cigarettes can be declared completely safe, the other stands firm with their opinion that there is no real evidence available which proves that e-cigarettes are dangerous in any possible way. Although e-cigarettes consist of nicotine, but that in itself isn’t considered dangerous if consumed in controlled and small dosages.

E-Cigarette Side-Effects – Are there really any?

So, what’s the real truth behind e-cigarette side-effects? Do e-cigarettes really have any life-threatening side effects, or are all these just rumors spread by analog cigarette manufacturing companies?! Are electronic cigarettes really clean, safe and free of any side effects? Let’s go through some facts to clear our doubts.

E-cigarette Dangers – The Facts

So, are e-cigarettes really dangerous? Claiming that e-cigarettes pose any health risk to the people around the ones who use them or to the actual users may be a stretch.

As per an article ‘Should E-cigarettes be allowed in the Workplace?’, written by Susan Adams and Published in recently, the opponents of electronic cigarettes point out that few preliminary studies have revealed that e-cigarette may consist of dangerous toxins. Broadly speaking, these opponents can be clubbed under organizations such as ‘Americans for Non-Smokers Rights’ and ‘American Heart and Lung Association’.

There’s nothing denying the fact that E liquid which produces vapour in these e-cigarettes does consist of nicotine, apart from other constituents such as nitrosamines, propylene glycol and glycerin. But, many of these opponents have gone as far as to claim that these devices also consist of nickel, cadmium and lead.

Historically speaking, nicotine has never really been considered as a carcinogen by the medical professionals. Although it has highly toxic properties when consumed in large amounts and originates from the infamous nightshade plant family, the percentage of it included in the electronic cigarettes is nowhere close to being capable of causing any major health dangers. Propylene glycol is commonly used in production of medical products like cough syrups, asthma inhalers and toothpastes. This ingredient has gone through stringent testing procedures and has been declared safe by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. The FDA has also cleared the vegetable glycerin to be safe, which is normally included in e-cigarette E liquids.

E-cigarette opponents also consider nitrosamines to be carcinogens, but in reality they possess no major threat when consumed in extremely small quantities as in the case of electronic cigarettes.

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So, what are the real e-cigarette side-effects?

Other than the occasional (and not common) airway or lung irritation caused due to the vapour, and the chances of getting addicted to nicotine use, there is hardly any information that can substantiate any so-called major e-cigarette side-effects. But there’s another way to smoke without putting your health at stake, you will (find more information about it through

In fact, a paper released by World Health Organization in the year 2013 conceded that electronic cigarettes are far safer in comparison to conventional tobacco-based cigarettes, despite delivering few toxins. Another important study which got published in the Journal of Public Health Policy, conforms to the fact that e-cigarettes are much safer than analog cigarettes and have toxicity level equivalent to the regular nicotine replacement products.


It’ll be safer to conclude that there isn’t sufficient evidence available to claim that e-cigarettes really have any major side-effects. The facts actually indicate the contrary to be true. The statistics reveal that people who switch to electronic cigarettes from the analog ones, report far lesser withdrawal symptoms or side-effects, overall better health and improvement in the quality of their sleep.

An important point that must be noted is the fact that e-cigarettes don’t cause any harmful side effects, but it is the storage of extra E liquid bottles, consisting of high amounts of nicotine (in total), altogether in one place, can prove to be highly toxic if accidentally ingested by any child or adult. To ensure the safety of children and other people in your home, ensure that all E liquid bottles are kept somewhere safe and out of reach of children.

Nicotine can be extremely dangerous if consumed in high quantities, especially if children get their hands on toxic E liquid refill bottles.

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