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E-commerce and Responsive Web Design

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E-commerce companies are breaking into newer markets and even investors are ready to push in the required capital both for the start-ups as well as existing stores. Steady flow of traffic is a necessity for the survival of an online store and the store design plays a very significant role in this. The latest buzzword to hit the market is “Responsive Web Design” and e-commerce companies are ready to make changes to the basic design of their websites. They want to have websites that possess a responsive design.

E-commerce and Responsive Web Design

What exactly is responsive web design?

Well, responsive web design is a set of tools and techniques that helps to create website designs, which can fit into any screen type. The advent of mobile technology, users are able to access websites from devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and even advanced devices like Google Glass. Now, this trend cannot be ignored by the e-commerce business owners and they are smart enough to cash on the same. The importance of responsive web design gains more prominence with the increase in the use of handheld mobile devices. The new ecommerce sites should be accessible from any device and this would enable more and more visitors to surf the websites. Here are some of the imperative reasons behind the use of responsive design for e-commerce websites:

Enhanced Flexibility: The flexibility of the websites can be easily enhanced with the use of responsive design. The websites can easily fit into screens of different sizes and do not mandatorily need desktop computers for viewing. The smaller smartphones and tablets can be used to access the ecommerce websites with ease. The users can even perform all the online shopping functions without any hassles. 

Easy navigation: The responsive web design can pack in a lot of features on a single screen and the users will be able to navigate the pages with ease. They will also be able to access the numerous features that are offered by the e-commerce website. 

Economic design: A few years back, the web designers had to design numerous versions of the same website in order to suit the different types of computing devices. This problem has been overcome with the help of responsive web design as a single design suffices the needs of multiple devices. Thus, it is now possible to complete a website design within a very small budget and costs of operating the website too are considerably reduced. 

E-commerce companies need to hire website designers who can provide responsive web designing. This will not only enable them to have a website that fits into multiple screen types but also helps them to retain the customers. 

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