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Enhance Your Reach With Video PR Campaigns

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Anyone associated with the legal services market knows the cut-throat competition law firms face in order to get noticed and in order to stay on top of the mind of their potential clients. A well planned out PR campaign is not only the need of the hour, but is indispensable as well. However, the real challenge is keeping the audience not only well informed about your firm and services but also do so in the most exciting manner. Innovation is the name of the game. That is why more and more people are turning towards video PR campaigns.

Enhance Your Reach With Video PR Campaigns

It is no secret that the audio-visual medium is always more appealing. Plus, with the rise of the social networking sites, the importance of a well-crafted video has reached great heights. These videos can be used to narrate your story in a more interesting manner and when done right, these even have the potential to go viral.

Care must be taken to integrate the PR videos with the other channels to be used in the campaign. It would be wrong to assume that the traditional PR elements such as press releases and media coverage do not work. These continue to remain very effective tools of any PR campaign, however, a video PR campaign opens up a new avenue to interact and engage the target audience in an effective way.

Statistics shows that YouTube alone attracts more than one billion unique visitors every month. When converted to viewing hours this sums up to six billion hours of video being watched on YouTube every single month. This alone gives an idea about the tremendous reach and potential of a video PR campaign. No matter what is done and said, the fact remains that people tend to spend more time watching a video than reading a press release, white paper or blog post although all of these have their own function as well.

Apart from engaging the audience, using a video on the landing page of your website has SEO benefits too. This simple act increases the chance of your website being displayed on the first page of Google search by 53 percent. The next time you create any video for your PR campaign make sure to place it on the landing page of your website too.

You can use a video PR campaign to serve a variety of purposes. This includes a video press release, any kind of announcement, testimonials, managing a crisis situation, or showcasing any particular event of importance. You can even use it simply as a corporate video to let your potential clients know about the services you offer.

It is a proven fact that face to face conversations are still the best. When that is not possible, a video is the next best option. Imagine your law firm being entangled in a crisis situation. What better way to clarify your stance than putting forward a clear video?

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