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KiwiG PhonTunes Review

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Music for some people is a serious subject, but for most of them it is a pleasing passage to overcome boredom. Taking a long journey or waiting at some place and even during work, music plays a good role to mitigate ennui. These days lots of portable devices are available whether it is iPod, Android smartphone or tablet, music players are ubiquitous software in all devices, though music transfer is not so smooth in many devices, especially for beginners who don’t know the intricacies of music players. In this regard, KiwiG PhonTunes is a good alternative for people.

Why KiwiG PhonTunes

1. User-friendly interface

The first thing you will notice is the smoothness of the software. It runs smoothly on all computers whether it is old or new operating system. It doesn’t require iTunes to be installed if you want to transfer music to iPhone or iPod from hard drive or any other external drive.

The intuitive graphic interface is user-friendly and attractive and you can explore all audio tracks on your device without any hassle. Moreover, the application is compatible with iOS or Android devices without any annoyance.

kiwiG Phontunes-User-friendly interface

Many users find difficulty and ask questions How to Put Music on iPhone without iTunes. It is quite irritating when music files are not copied to your device. It is nearly impossible to transfer music in a file folder, flash drive or external hard drive to an iPhone or Apple device. KiwiG PhonTunes allows users to transfer music files from anywhere to Apple device without iTunes. It supports free import of music files to your Apple devices without iTunes.

2. Multiple types of transfer

By this application you can transfer songs from your iPhone to iTunes, hard drive or any other external drive by just right click the items. This effortless method makes the software popular because you can literally copy it down to your Android phone without any intermediate platform.

3. Edit songs’ properties

KiwiG PhonTunes is also a good application because you can adjust songs’ name and rating with ease.

Moreover, you can modify the album title, artist name and genre plus put cover photos to your albums and songs. You can listen to songs while working on multiple other applications.

Direct music transfer to Android

KiwiG PhonTunes is a user-friendly music application, which allows Android users to copy songs without any need of iTunes. The beauty of the application is in its simplicity, though at first you need to understand it well. The program window segregates into three panes: left side is assigned for local folders on your PC or external hard drives. To add songs, click the menu button in the top right and click Sync Music Directories to add. It is a good iTunes alternative.

KiwiG PhonTunes-Direct music transfer to Android

What’s new in KiwiG PhonTunes 2.5 version

  • Users can now transfer music by one click between hard drive and devices. Additionally, you will get all music details
  • There are three play modes in music player function
  • Users can view list and status, plus give names and ratings
  • Easily manage various folders and directories in a single window
  • Support devices like iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic
  • Direct transfer music from hard drives or external devices to Android phones without iTunes.

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