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Many people don’t want hassle of managing passwords

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There have been several major recent security breaches that have impacted users’ passwords, perhaps most notably the incident at Twitter. Other events included Burger King and Jeep, prompting TechCompany Editor Patrick Stafford to highlight the importance of proper password security.

Writing for SmartCompany, Stafford explained that many people simply do not put enough effort into protecting their various passwords, mainly because they are told to use phrases that meet certain requirements. As a result, consumers just continue to use the passwords of their choice, potentially putting them in harm’s way should a hacker obtain this sensitive information.

People may not be able to get away with avoiding effective password security for long, especially if they elect to use the same phrases for their various accounts. Instead of going through the hassle of remembering a bunch of passwords, consumers can use a password manager to ensure they not only have stronger passwords, but they do not have to worry about remembering them as well.

password manager

Many people don’t want hassle of managing passwords

Stafford also noted that even business professionals do not practice the safest password security etiquette. The writer indicated that many do not even use a passcode for their phones, which is dangerous because if the device is lost or stolen, the party who gains control of it has full access to the person’s phone.

Since more consumers are taking their mobile products with them wherever they go, these devices are likely being used to browse the web, access email and manage online bank accounts. For consumers with iPhones, it is crucial to ensure their devices are equipped with the necessary tools to protect their data. A leading password manager offers functionality for iPhone users so their mobile habits are not exploited by malicious hackers. 

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