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Microsoft Remote Desktop App for Android and iOS

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A new remote desktop app has been released by Microsoft for mobile OS like Android and iOS, it is now available for download. With this newly released app call Microsoft Remote Desktop, users can connect flawlessly to their remote desktops and access all the resources of their PC or use their phone and tablet as desktop from anywhere and anytime. The power of windows can be experienced anywhere and connection to home or work PC can be established. Read more The flexibilities with remote desktop monitoring.

Microsoft released this app few days back but now it is available by default as package with Windows 8.1.

Microsoft Remote Desktop App for Android and iOS 1

This app comes in handy when you need your work to be done on your PC via a far away location. The app is engineered in such a way that all the touch friendly features of Windows 8 can be accessed easily from Android and iOS based phones and tablets.

Microsoft Remote Desktop App for Android and iOS 2

Features available in Microsoft Remote Desktop:

  • Easily accessible remote PC resources.
  • Multi-Touch experience while accessing Windows 8 via Phone.
  • The connection between Phone and Windows is secured via Network Layer Authentication (NLA) technology.
  • All the remote connections are managed via one connection center.
  • Audio and video streams are of very high quality and compressed to save data.
  • Right now there is no release date available for this app on Windows Phone.

Get free the app Microsoft Remote Desktop.

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